Special Rainforest Order of Yarn

As I experiment with the colored-copper wire designs, the special order of rainforest colored yarns I ordered from Yarn vs. Zombies is being completed.

Check out the great colors!

FanPalm tropicalgarden_birdwingvine

The scale of the Butterfly Flight Prep art installation has necessitated specially ordering the yarn. The alternative is running around multiple yarn shops in Tokyo searching for specific colors in specific textures. The train system is amazingly convenient but not cheap.


And what happens if I didn’t buy enough?  Will I be able to get more from the store?

The correct colors are so important to this project!


You can follow Yarn vs. Zombies on Instagram and also follow my daily progress as I build the Butterfly Flight Prep installation project at Studio Deanna on Instagram.


All photos by Yarn vs. Zombies

Ginza – Tokyo Art Gallery Adventures

Every Ginza Gallery Hop starts at the elephant in Ginza. Ginza Elephant

It’s decorations are regularly changed by advertisers so we’re always curious what he will look like next. This time around we have no idea what was being advertised.

Stopped at the Mirror Exhibition and saw work by Kohei Nawa using acrylic on paper that reminded me of the Spirograph drawing toy I had as a child.

 IMG_0258 Kohei Nawa also did a work directly on the wall of the gallery using glue.


This amazing paper artist, Mikito Ozeki, has hand cut these pieces of archival paper! IMG_0264

There are thousands of cutouts on multiple layers of paper within these frames that are more than a meter in height and at least a meter in length! Whether or not you like the art itself, I find the amount of work and patience it takes to do this mind-blowing!


What drew me to this exhibition was the write up in Spoon & Tamago regarding Sayaka Miyata’s embroidery work.

Sayaka Miyata The photos don’t do it justice. The work is extremely well done and the threads have an iridescent quality to them. This piece is about 50cm x 50cm. The size and scale of her work is also difficult to see.

IMG_0267 I love this piece, love how the artist enlarged a detail and then extended it into a large 3D installation.

 IMG_0268 The hand embroidered piece also shows Sayaka Miyata’s talent with hand embroidery work. The choice of colors, subject and stitchwork are beautiful.

Our next stop was Tokyo Station area’s, Marunouchi House, and a visit to Cosmic Girls Exhibition. This fun, visually warping piece is done by Haruka Kojin:


Found a great yarn and crochet stitch artist, Saki Chikaraishi, here at Cosmic Girls and she deserves her own post so be sure to stop back to read about her unique use of Addi knitting machines!!

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NaBloPoMo & NaNonFiWriMo: A Successful November!

Phew!! Writing both a blog post (almost)each day and writing a non-fiction book in a single month is a LOT of writing for one who doesn’t normally write.

NaNonFiWriMo, National Non-Fiction Writing Month, was a really huge success for me. My idea for Tako Life, an octopus cookbook, has been sitting on the back burner for several months was able to get my full attention in November. From a crazy, random thought, it has become a fully flushed out idea, recipes written, layout ideas created, coordinating art and stitch ideas solidified, color scheme, and several marketing ideas to look into. All of this put into Evernote, ready for editing and updating anywhere.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 1.56.19 AM

The idea of NaNonFiWriMo suited me very well as it gave me space. Space in my calendar to focus on a single project. It provided space in my head, gaving me permission to concentrate on other projects before the arrival of November. And now that it is written down in an organized fashion and out of my head, there is more space in which to complete a few projects I had set aside for NaNonFiWriMo. YAY!!! I wrote a book this month!!!

NaBloPoMo was also successful for me in that it forced me to learn more about my own website, the art of blogging and what frequency is most comfortable for both myself and my readers. Definitely not everyday…my life is just not that interesting…yet :) The goal of blogging everyday was not met, but many other peripheral items were accomplished throughout the attempt this month.

Now I am setting the cookbook aside for the first week of Dec before I start to edit and put the layout together. I WROTE A BOOK THIS MONTH!! A small book, but how cool is that?

I already have a pre-order, too! Thanks, Mom :)

International Quilt Show in Yokohama

Wow. Just Wow. There was an epic amount of patience shown by the quilters in their work at the show. All those itsy bitsy pieces of fabric of all types, sewn into the most amazing scenes and designs just blew me away. Each of them had to have taken months, or even years to complete!

While I’m not a quilter, there is a lot of crossover between the fiber arts and there is no rule about where ones next great idea will hit. I was looking for a unique idea to create a quilted octopus hot pad or tea cozy. One artist had gorgeous, unique 3D appliqué flower work that would easily translate to other organic forms. As I soaked in her beautiful completed designs I noticed she had created a very detailed book with her ideas for making these 3D appliqués. The icing on the cake is the designer signed my copy of her book! Very sweet woman, 竹村 竹美.  Her idea of adding in the traditional Japanese stitch designwork in a more modern way is very creative, check out her blog!


A few additional items I picked up were fun prints in which to play and coordinating buttons:

IMG_0005 IMG_0006_2

Just needs a face…

Almost done! My first Amigarumi; an Octopus in the colors I want and a design I like :) As a prototype, it will get a few improvements as each one is made but this is basically it.  The final design pattern will go in my Tako Life octopus cookbook.


Coinciding with NaNoWriMo, is National Non-Fiction Writing Month in which I am participating by writing a cookbook. My first foray into writing a book, I’m having fun deciding which recipes to include, taste testing and designing the look I’d like to have for the book.

FYI – I like broccoli. I like octopus. But most definitely NOT together in a recipe…UGH!

Janet McCarty Art

Have you seen Janet McCarty‘s work? From amazing abstracts to strong figurative pieces she is an artist not miss.

Her work will be at the Kettner Nights in Little Italy, San Diego on December 13, 2013.  Specifically at the Rutledge Haro Design Studios: 949 W. Hawthorn Street

Cover Photo

More of her work can be seen at her website: JanetMcCartyArt.com

Kettner Nights Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/360873204057932/?ref=3&ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular&source=1

Day 14 – Mini Router and Memory Walks / ミニルーターと散歩記憶

The joy and excitement of new tools!!