Contact Zone: Ami Network Installation – Progress Report I

I love working on larger scale projects. They often grow to take on a life of their own,  my original idea becoming stonger, and then distilling that idea to its most focused message. Ami Network is for the upcoming show Contact 2018. Please be patient as I really need to work on my photography skills or learn how to create artwork that is easier to photograph =)


Ami Network has been two years in the making with the original thoughts regarding nets & networks after having met several ghost net artists combined with receiving a large amount of colored telephone wire. The plastic coating, in great color combinations over copper wire, is lovely to work with, easy to crochet, and easy to use in the handmade traditional hi’a.


Ami Network is an autobiographical piece, a visual of my connections with people both near and far from my personal Contact Zone with Hawai’i. I began with a couple of ideas as to how to complete my Ami Network installation and I have tested those ideas. I was greatly concerned my original tapestry idea would be just a messy hodgepodge so I felt it needed some kind of order such as presenting it in a chandelier form. The more work I completed on the ghost net and telephone wire tapestry section, the happier I have become with it.  The chandelier idea started out great, but after much work, a fair amount of tweaking, I realized, the end result would simply be more, not better. Therefore I am editing back down to one of my original presentation ideas…as simply a large, beautiful tapestry.


Contact Hawaii 2018 runs from April 6 – 22 in various locations on Oahu. You can follow my day to day progress via Instagram: Studio Deanna

Abbreviated Artist Statement – Stitching the fabric of a loose kind of tapestry starting with Ghost Nets(fishing nets) collected on the beaches; drifting, washing ashore, battered, collected, a piecing together of community. I will be adding to the Ghost Net pieces with the techniques I learned in the Net Making class at Na Mea. The word for both netting and network in Japanese is ami, which is also the word for things made of yarn. It is knit groups in both countries that has helped me stitch a life together.

I continue to grapple with my impact in Hawai’i, on the planet, with my activities, both physically and with the people I meet. Is this life capturing culture as my unwitting victims? Or am I stitching a beautiful community together as is my hope?

Art Books for World Book Day – March 1st

Part of the St Helens Arts in Libraries Commision, To England they go, to the Eccleston Library for World Book Day, March 1st:


Several of us from Art Byte Critique who have participated in Tokyo Art Book Fair have been invited to contribute to this year’s World Book Day. I chose to provide three of my embroidered Navigation/Migration series books:


Lori Ono - Mamebon



Gallery Aupuni Space @729studios

We’ve had a beautiful upgrade @729studios and the Aupuni Place is now Aupuni Space @729 Studios in Kaka’a’ko, Honolulu, Hawaii. We are looking forward to seeing many more guests in this new Aupuni Space Gallery. Our first exhibition will be open through the end of February.

Work includes those of us with studio space currently, previously, and guest artists to 729 Studios such as; @SolomonEnos, Candice @clgima_art, Michelle @florafaunafiber, Chloe @chloetomomi, and Shingo @shinnyzak,

@wabyshaka by @shing02

@spenserlittleart from San Diego is an invited artist to PowWow!Hawaii this year and I recognized his work from a show I attended while living in San Diego myself about 8years ago. It was really wonderful to see how far he has come with his wire work!

It was through the Contact show in 2016 that I met a lot of other really lovely artists and supporters in Hawaii when I first moved there. It was through Contact two years ago that I was able to obtain my studio space in Kaka’ako and am loving it!

In addition to Aupuni Space Gallery opening, we had our first Open Studios, in which, I reconfigured the Invasives project for a fun wall display over the aluminum framing from another installation.

To the right you can see my Ami(Net)works installation for the Contact 2018 in its beginning stages. A piece utilizing ghost netting and colored telephone wire to complete a tapestry of my personal Contact Zone with Hawai’i.

Additional pieces I included in my Open Studio are fun acrylic abstract experiments from paints given to my by my friend @chloetomomi

Chloe also had wall & shelf space to sell some of her watercolor work:

To follow more of my day to day art adventures now that I am back in Japan: @studiodeanna on Instagram

Happenings @729Studios in Hawai’i

A great time of year to be back creating artwork in my Honolulu studio space.  Received the wonderful news my proposal for Contact 2018 (Contact Zone) has been accepted so I have been madly working to bring my vision into fruition.

These are photos of the last days in my larger, light filled studio space. We are having big changes happening to 729 Studios in Kaka’ako, I know they are a good idea for the long term but I will miss the bright daylight I am losing by my move to a different space within the studios.

My lovely studio space is changing into a gorgeous gallery space and I’m looking forward to seeing artwork from various artists activating the space.

Despite my cranky, jet-lagged mood, my friend Chloe @chloetomomi has been keeping me company and making me laugh in studio as she continues to improve her watercolor and acrylic painting skills. Follow her on Instagram and check out her newly created website:

In the new smaller studio space I am framing my Endangered Oceans ghost net fiber project for the Punahou Carnival Art Show fundraiser which is coming up the first weekend in February. Also, sketching octopus for both my upcoming cookbook and an art book idea for display in England for World Art Book Day, March 1st.

Oh, and sending out a few more proposal ideas…wish me luck!

Textiles and Robots and Kimono Roboto

Courtesy of a friend with Yaskawa Electric, I rec’d an invitation to the Int’l Robot Exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight. Amazing to see all the various applications of robots in development, how each company creates a ‘look’ for their robots, and how they are being marketed at this industry trade show.

Taping Boxes: Will it wrap B-day gifts?

Does a nice job of taping ones packages – Will it wrap B-day gifts, too?

Alongside the 2018 Autumn/Winter Japan Fashion Week (JFW) are the Premium Textile & Creation textile trade shows. Perfect timing for me as I’m considering adding textile pieces as an extension of my artwork. Had a lovely conversation with Ms. Watanabe who is the International Coordinator for JFW Textile Division.

I found so much more than I expected beyond the next great colors & next great tech fabric. This is Japan so seeing traditional fabrics that we associate as part of kimono and obi fabrics can be custom created to ones modern vision and ones new application idea! Luckily, amongst the many textile manufacturers, I found a couple that look like they will be able to suit my custom requests.

Of course, after the adventures in textiles and robots, this week needed to be culminated with a visit to the Kimono Roboto Exhibition at Omotesando Hills. Background video at the exhibition is by Bjork.

A small, elegant show, highlighting gorgeous kimonos of varying types. From the beautiful hand-painted kind to very, tiny shibori knotted designs to the intricately woven silks. Both the artisans and their works, national treasures here in Japan.

The centerpiece being a robot dressed in full kimono…a very high-tech mannequin surrounded by more high-tech robot admirers.

Today’s Bonus was seeing the Blooming Hot Chocolate at Dominique Ansel’s in Harajuku and enjoying a yummy Mont Blanc.

The poor marshmallow flower sank and the poor waitress was so embarrassed she provided my friend with a new hot chocolate and a correctly blooming flower.

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My Macro Photography work is available at

Imago Mundi Project – Hawaii

The Imago Mundi Project came to Hawai’i early this year and I chose to participate, to show how Hawaii has impacted me.

Provided with a small, wood platform in which to express such a massive change I chose to use acrylic paint. A medium I only recently embraced and in ocean blue colors in which I only recently felt my soul inhaled by truly living in Hawai’i.

Imago Mundi - Studio Deanna
Imago Mundi – Hawaii by Deanna Gabiga

The results of the Imago Mundi Projects’ efforts in Hawaii will be available at Koa Art Gallery at the Book Release Party on Friday, December 15 starting at 3:30PM.

The book Imago Mundi Aloha Spirit is also available online if you are unable to get to Koa Art Gallery.
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Special thanks to my friend @chloetomomi for having gifted me the big set of acrylic paints for which I have had fun experimenting with this popular medium <3
Imago Mundi - Studio Deanna
Imago Mundi – Hawaii by Deanna Gabiga


Blue Dancer Macro Photography Series

Had the opportunity to post more successful macro photography pieces on Saatchi Art to sell. Blue Dancer Series of 3 macro photos has been added to my shop in the New Media Category.

Blue Dancer II


Blue Dancer III

Focusing on my #Adobe365Challenge has made each of my goals within the Adobe programs easier to accomplish. My cookbook is being built in InDesign, one recipe & one lesson at a time. This week I added page numbers and figured out a way to add Japanese with my English UI.

Realized that if one cuts & pastes a shape from the Brightness/Contrast layer there is nothing but air being transferred, oops! #newbieerror

Ooh! And Patterns! Took a nice photograph of octopus arms and placed it in Adobe’s Capture pattern program and had a great time playing with all the different settings! Anyone interested in octopus wallpaper?


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