Haikyo Photography in Hawaii

The large, Japanese stone lantern lay on the ground in pieces. The derelict tourou wrapped in rotting rope covered in molds, lichen, and mosses reminded me of Haikyo. Urban Explorers whose curiosity leads them to ruins, or Haikyo in Japanese.


After seeing the abandoned lantern I began to see other bits of ruins, abandoned pieces of culture and buildings around Honolulu. I am greatly appreciating that my time here as Artist in Residence at Ark of the Unicorns in the Chinatown Artists Lofts provides the chance to explore haikyo.

Between the scattered bits of gentrification in Chinatown there is neglected architecture, aged units, and scrawling messages wishing they were grand murals:

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Photographing Chinatown HNL: Black and White

My previous post covered a few of the photographs I really felt looked best in color, this post shows photographs I really liked in Black and White. Capturing the deep character, feelings evoked, or the message I wish to convey is very often found in the photo editing process.


Late Night Grocery – As I walked through Chinatown, it’s character asked for additional work to be done to certain photographs. Ones such as this Black and White wants more clarification. I will be printing this one and working with the idea of adding fiber work.


Tree Jail – What did this naughty, naughty tree do?


This photograph of the entrance of the Maunakea Marketplace at night is also asking for more from me. The Marketplace draws a crowd of tourists in addition to the neighborhood regulars with a Yelp rating of 3.5 stars. I am curious as to how many stars its regular nighttime homeless visitors would give it. This is another photograph I will be printing out.


Love the patterns of the palm leaves and using the Gioconda Charcoal & Pencil Drawing kit I received from the Magdalene Odundo Ceramics Workshop I have started sketching them.

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Photographing Chinatown HNL



My time as Artist-in-Residence at Ark of the Unicorns continues and Honolulu’s Chinatown has been one of the most unique I have visited around the world. There are layers upon layers in the short history of the buildings, a huge mix of peoples not just Chinese, and a stuttering start at gentrification.

These elements all come together to create a character all its own and make for no shortage of photographic opportunities. In today’s entry I’ll post ones that I feel show best with color and next entry will be those I found to be best in black & white.


Visiting some areas at night, no longer bustling with pedestrians and tourists, shows how much personality even a bus stop can have.


Playing with various filters in ones photo editing software can bring out various elements one feels at a place or even evoke the delicious smells of dinner being served at a neighborhood restaurant!



At less than 100 years old, many buildings have packed a lot of history in their short time on Oahu.



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Watch for the next entry on Black and White Photography!

Ceramics Workshop with Magdalene Odundo OBE – Part II

Previous Post: Part I  – with Magdalene Odundo: I am a ceramicist!

More than just a bit of pottery was done during the amazing workshop with Magdalene Odundo. Visits to Iolani Palace, Mission Houses Museum, Pali Lookout, and Bishop Museum happened, also. Plus here’s a look at work others in the workshop created. Clearly they have more experience than I :)

Combining their own style with lessons from Magdalene…I never knew one could create a vessel upside down!

Archery in a gorgeous location at Chozen-Ji Zen Buddhist Temple also provided a few haikyo photography opportunities. The tourou lay on the ground aging like a rotting corpse.

Most of the other artists were much faster than I and completed multiple pieces:


We also received a guided tour at Bishop Museum by Marques Hanalei Marzan, Cultural Advisor. He is experienced with the traditional fibers and their uses along with reverse engineering fiber techniques that have been lost to bring them back. With my fiber background I connected with the museum more than I had before in the past:



The Magdalene Odundo Workshop was organized by Hawaii Craftsmen.

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Ceramics Workshop with Magdalene Odundo, OBE – Part I

A wonderful opportunity came through Hawaii Craftsmen for me to attend Magdalene Odundo’s ceramics Master Workshop appeared and I am happy I was able to accept. I am currently Artist-in-Residence at Ark of the Unicorns’ alternative gallery space in the Chinatown Artists Lofts and her workshop has been an enriching experience for me.

Magdalene is a world renown ceramicist and this workshop placed clay in my hands for the third time in my life. It was set up for all mediums and many of the things taught in the class apply to other areas of ones life. I attended the Wet Clay Demo at Honolulu Museum of Art School and later watched her create our first project; an ostrich egg style vessel.

In the ceramics studio at Chozen Ji Zen Buddhist Temple, she made it look sooooo easy!! So with great excitement I started in on my very own ostrich egg style vessel!!

From a big square of clay I started hand-building as I saw Magdalene do. It started out well, it really did. But as I worked the clay sides up, it also ventured out. Up and out, up and further out, until it was hopeless. My inexperience with clay became glaringly obvious.

Falling back on my textile & sewing skills I chose to create three large tucks into the bowl shape bringing the circumference in. Not a pretty solution but it worked!

This is where we ended for the day as I left to contemplate where I went wrong and how I was going to bring the edges in as she demonstrated.

We came back the next day to the ceramics workshop at Chozen Ji Buddhist Temple and dug in. I know I wasn’t forceful enough initially with the hard clay so I started there with my forming. Between that and using Magdalene’s techniques I figured it out!! Super happy I was able to make this piece happen. A lot of character created by those tucks and the unusual opening. Not the prettiest, but I did it!


A video of the completed place:

Watch for Part II – More adventures in Ceramics with Magdalene Odundo & other places to find art workshops in Hawaii.

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First Friday Exhibition at Ark of the Unicorns

Thank You ever so much to everyone who came out to the see Friendship-in-Progress: Tokyo X HNL at Ark of the Unicorns on First Friday. We appreciate your love of art and your support very much. It has been a busy couple of weeks so far as the Artist-in-Residence. In addition to my exploration of Figures in Wire Sculpture designs, I have had the opportunity to attend an art class in the community organized by Hawaii Craftsmen.

All of the other students, including the instructor of Hawaii Craftsmen’s Master Workshop w/Magdalene Odundo stopped into the Friends-in-Progress Exhibition.

Friends from Hawaii Craftsmen Workshop

Enjoying the creativity our guests bring into the space

Attendees bring their own creativity to the Ark :)

One of my earliest Charted Wire Crochet Figure Patterns originally created using Adobe Sketch on my iPad Pro, a work-in-progress photo, and the final wire crocheted piece:

Demonstrating and creating the third figure in progress, Woman in the Water. (Pictured in the Featured Image) Utilizing several blue shades and gauges of wire, it is only in the actual stitching of the piece that I find the best pattern and look I am wanting to show:

Stitch Demontstration

The ultimate goal as Artist-in-Residence is the design and creation of 3D Figures. The feature of using layers in Adobe Sketch allows me to explore several ideas at once within a single sketch and I chose to print all three to see if one pops out as better than the others. Size: 11 x 17 inches each.

Aubergine Indecisions

Being Goofy with Chloe Tomomi and Andrew in Chloe’s watercolor space. Find her work on Instagram: ChloeTomomi

Being Goofy w/Chloe

Chloe’s watercolors of shinrin-yoku and satori experiences were so beautifully created. Hung in gallery space in the simplest of ways made them easy for guests to see her depth of scenes through choices of colors and materials:

My friend Mia O also had beautiful work here at Ark of the Unicorns and we had a lot of questions about her mokuhanga, wood-block printing work. Many were curious about the paper she used. Her prints are on washi paper of varying thicknesses and varieties. You can follow her work on Instagram: Mia_O_pen

Mia O Mokuhanga

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Mokuhanga Surprise – Art Adventure in Honolulu

During my Artist Residency here at Ark of the Unicorns in Honolulu, Hawaii, Thursday’s Art Adventure was to meet up with my friend Mia O. She is here for the International Mokuhanga Conference and we met up at UH Manoa’s Main Gallery at the Walk-thru for the selected artists show. As mentioned before, Mia has received a Recognition Award from the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts!

Across the hall is UH Manoa’s Commons Gallery which is showing more mokuhanga work, “Into the Fold,” including a set of (6) additional pieces of Mia’s work. Mia has generously provided additional prints to be included in the Open Studios at Chinatown Artists Lofts where Ark of the Unicorns is. Please stop by on Oct 6 to see!

Found such a lovely surprise at the “Into the Fold” show! I recognized Patty Hudak’s prints there also! She is also a member of Art Byte Critique as are Mia & I. Gorgeous work, Patty! Her pieces are the set of (3) on the bottom row.

Took a few more photographs of work…Enjoy!!

The risks we take as artists…unfortunately they hung Kate’s work sideways :\ But a good sense of humor had her laughing about it.

Hmm…Interestingly I chose to photograph mostly blue prints, there really was a great variety of work shown in a complete range of colors!

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Mia O, Patty Hudak, and I are all members of Art Byte Critique out of Tokyo, Japan