IN/TANGIBLE Exhibition Installed at Art For Thought in Ginza

I am ever so lucky to be exhibiting with such a great group of artists, also members of Art Byte Critique. We are all super supportive of each other’s artistic endeavors. Here’s a short video of me installing my work at the front of the gallery and then I turn the camera to the insideContinue reading “IN/TANGIBLE Exhibition Installed at Art For Thought in Ginza”

Topiary: Mickey or Minnie

Our neighbors have a big Mickey Mouse topiary in their front yard that has been begging for a Minnie Mouse white polka-dotted red bow. Thanks to a quick trip to a nearby Yuzawaya I found the perfect shade of red and made quick work constructing the piece. A bit of 100% acrylic Minnie Mouse redContinue reading “Topiary: Mickey or Minnie”