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INTERVAL Loop II hand crochet copper and steel wire sculpture finished in a velvety blue
Velvety Blue II

Metals are my favorite medium in which to play…

Photo of the artist, Studio Deanna, in front of Ocean Tapestry wire crochet artwork, holding steel custom made XL crochet hook

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I revel in the fluidity of metals, feeling the copper wire flow through my hands as I stitch it into textile sculptures with my custom-made crochet hooks.

The dichotomy of using the masculine metals to create feminine textiles into sculptures strengthens the beauty in each piece.

My work entails crocheting organic sculpture designs from drops to tapestries for both interior decor and outdoor living spaces including patios and gardens. The range of my work also includes textiles, wall art installations, embroidered works, and macro photography of my own artworks.

Deanna Gabiga

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