Interval Art Show at Launch Pad Gallery in Yokohama

Photo of wire crochet and fiber art work with Interval Art Show information at Launch Pad Gallery in Yokohama Japan

Give your eyes a rest from your screen time and take a look at Interval Art Show in Yokohama. Wire crochet, minimalist art work inspired by the warm tropical waters around Hawai’i. Thank you to Launch Pad Gallery in Yokohama, I appreciate this opportunity. This will be my first public exhibition in a while and I am excited to show what I have been working on.

Photo of wire crochet and fiber art work with Interval Art Show information at Launch Pad Gallery in Yokohama Japan

I’ve titled the show Interval as life moves forward in varying intervals, like waves when connecting with the beach.

I lived in Hawai’i before returning to Japan and continue to be fascinated by the striking colors of the warm tropical waters surrounding the islands. Now water is often a driving force that inspires my art work.

I choose copper wire combined with colorful fibers using varying crochet techniques to create my art works. Stitching is a meditative act to me as the smooth copper wire glides through my fingers and over my crochet hook. Each crochet stitch I make is created from a varying set of loops, each loop is a copper thread telling a story in sculptural form. 

Row upon row of copper wire creates a fabric that flows like water through my hands yet can be as solid as surface tension. The myriad of greens to blues, bright silver to deep turquoise that make up the warm tropical waters around Hawai’i are represented sometimes in fiber and sometimes using the anodized colored copper wire.

Designed to rest the eye, each minimalist artwork is created through meticulous stitch work with wire and fibers that reflect the beautiful, shimmering waters around the islands of Hawai’i.

Interval Show Statement
Set in a white box frame, a square of black wire crochet is finished off with a bright turquoise fiber of wool, cotton, and silk
20cm x 20cm

It’s been fun exploring studies in mixed-media abstracts using beautiful turquoise fibers, and remembering the days exploring the black sand beaches.

Noir Knot set in a B4 size white box frame

My most minimalist pieces are the black and white sculptures yet I love how they contain the most depth. Noir Knot is created on a foundation of hand crocheted copper wire ribbon, then it’s edged with an ombre of grey-black on one end, stitched through greys to light grey and white fiber of wools, cottons, and silk. I can’t decide which way to I want to hang it vertically. Or maybe it would look best viewed horizontally?

Launch Pad Gallery is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 13:00 – 19:00 hours. Interval Art Exhibition will start on February 18th, 2022 and continue through February 28th, 2022 (except Feb 22, 23, & 24) No Opening Reception is planned.

Launch Pad Gallery is located in Yokohama, Japan with Ishikawacho Station on the Keihin-Tohoku Line being the closest. 5 – 186 – 8 Ishikawacho Naka-Ku Yokohama

My hand-crocheted wire and fiber sculpture designs will bring a bright spot to your unique spaces. Looking forward to seeing you there – Deanna

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