Contact Zone: Ami Network Installation – Progress Report II

My Contact Zone installation has been completed! Here are a couple of teaser progress photos of my contribution to Contact Hawaii 2018. Opening Reception on Sat, Aug 7 : Gallery opens at 5:30, Reception begins at 6:00 - 9:00 the Honolulu Museum of Art School in the Main Gallery. Upon completion I've tagged my AmiNETwork art installation, finding the tag I had created has tarnish spots as if it was in the water along with the net. It also reminds me of fishing lures I often used as a child. Of all the times I have flown into Hawai'i, I have repeatedly come from Japan with one time from Australia and only once from Mainland USA. I brought thoughts and ideas with me from Japan & Australia, thoughts on projects for when I arrived in Hawai'i and found Hawai'i so much more than expected. The iconic cherry blossoms in Japan remind me of renewal, the fresh signs of spring. Without the retail sale reminders of impending holidays each year, such as Halloween, I forgot they existed and my personal timeline shifted to the seasonal fruits and flowers throughout the year. Stitching it strong; crocheting holes in the ghost net tapestry with colorful telephone wire. After the show opens, watch for additional photos of the completed project. It's a total of 3.5' x 12.5' (3.75m x 1m) in size! I highly recommend stopping by the Honolulu Museum of Art School to see the complete Contact Hawai'i show. See what others' Contact Zone experience is with Hawai'i. Abbreviated Artist Statement – Stitching the fabric of a loose kind of tapestry starting with Ghost Nets(fishing nets) collected on the beaches; drifting, washing ashore, battered, collected, a piecing together of community. I will be adding to the Ghost Net pieces with the techniques I learned in the Net Making class at Na Mea. The word for both netting and network in Japanese is ami, which is also the word for things made of yarn. It is knit groups in both countries that has helped me stitch a life together. I continue to grapple with my impact in Hawai’i, on the planet, with my activities, both physically and with the people I meet. Is this life capturing culture as my unwitting victims? Or am I stitching a beautiful community together as is my hope?

Blue Dancer Macro Photography Series

Had the opportunity to post more successful macro photography pieces on Saatchi Art to sell. Blue Dancer Series of 3 macro photos has been added to my shop in the New Media Category. [caption id="attachment_76166" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] Blue Dancer II[/caption] [caption id="attachment_76167" align="alignnone" width="1153"] Blue Dancer III[/caption] Focusing on my #Adobe365Challenge has made each of my goals within the Adobe programs easier to accomplish. My cookbook is being built in InDesign, one recipe & one lesson at a time. This week I added page numbers and figured out a way to add Japanese with my English UI. Realized that if one cuts & pastes a shape from the Brightness/Contrast layer there is nothing but air being transferred, oops! #newbieerror Ooh! And Patterns! Took a nice photograph of octopus arms and placed it in Adobe's Capture pattern program and had a great time playing with all the different settings! Anyone interested in octopus wallpaper? You can follow my daily challenges via Twitter: StudioDeanna. Follow my art adventures on Instagram: StudioDeanna

Bright Turquoise Waterfall Wire Sculpture has been chosen!

Thank You ever so much to juror Magdalene Odundo, OBE, one of my wire crochet sculpture pieces has been chosen for Hawaii Craftsmen's 50th Anniversary Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition! Hand-crocheted from 16gauge and 20gauge copper wire and then powdered coated to add fun, bright color to a spot in one's home or garden. Bright Turquoise Waterfall is approx 27" x 6" x 6" Opening Reception & Awards Ceremony for Hawaii Craftsmen's Exhibition is on Tuesday, Oct 24 from 6:30 - 8:30 at the Gallery in the Honolulu Museum of Art School. Please stop by to see the really amazing caliber of craftsmanship found here in the Hawai'i Islands! Bright Turquoise Waterfall is available for sale at the Exhibition w/a portion of sales going to support Hawaii Craftsmen, a non-profit arts organization. Similar Designs in the Waterfall Series are available at Mori Hawaii in the South Shore Marketplace and at the Hawaii State Art Museum's Gallery Shop! [gallery ids="74867,74866" type="rectangular"] Follow my art adventures on Instagram: StudioDeanna My newest steps toward working on lines in the human form can be found on Instagram: ArkoftheUnicorns where I currently am Artist-in-Residence.

Artist-in-Residence at Ark of the Unicorns

First full day at Chinatown Artists Lofts and I wake up to bamboo filling a bright alcove space. In Japan, on the first day of business, it is customary to see a new bamboo stalk ready to grow as the business does. Coincidentally it was also World Bamboo Day, an auspicious beginning, I felt. Each morning lazy Loft Cat oozes about the greenery, but does deign to twitch his tail if you wish him a "Good Morning." Jet lag hits hard in the afternoon so Loft Cat has the right idea. Focusing this artist residency on the human form I have started with sketching ideas. Utilizing Adobe Sketch and all the fun layers options I designed a first test piece: It's been a great week of reconnecting with Hawai'i and reconnecting with friends with the week culminating in full day of concentrated studio time with my friend, Chloe Tomomi! I finished stitching the wire crocheted sculpture form I started earlier in the week. Using 20 gauge black wire and adding a 26 gauge navy blue, several stitch plans had to be revised to create the look I was going for. I still have a thought to add a few fiber accents. Not sure if it will be a good idea but adding them and changing my mind won't harm the piece: Total size: 24" x 3" - Using a Japanese size 8 hook. As I took photos of our progress, I see that Chloe Tomomi's colorful painting stands out: Chloe and I started the days work with a conversation re the Japanese use of blue vs green and with a lovely landscape with mountains in just the right shade of 'green.' After creating them she chose to switch gears and made this lovely scene: Materials: Arches Cold Press 140lb, Kuretake Gansai Tambi 36, Daniel Smith, Holbein Gouache 18 Later in the evening she chose to complete the first piece: Materials: Arches Cold Press 140lb, Nicker Poster Color. Inspired by Nickerenogu YouTube vid. Many of Chloe's works are available in her Etsy Shop: Chloe Tomomi You can follow my day to day works in progress & art adventures on Instagram: StudioDeanna Ark of the Unicorns' Artist Residency at Chinatown Artists Lofts: Instagram: ArkoftheUnicorns

Photography, Video, & Studio Time…

In the studio I continue to work on my macro photography and am happy with the results. Always room for improvement, of course and with each new lesson I learn in Photoshop I find I am able to take better photographs the next time. Some days the best photo editing is the delete button. Moving beyond a lovely photograph I am working with creating shadows with the wire. Unfortunately the rainy season seems to have moved in over a month late. Plus my home has the strange privacy windows that are frosted. Nice for taking photos but are the worst for creating shadows. Need to move my work outside my home to see the final results. [caption id="attachment_75233" align="alignnone" width="639"] PC: @hisam_gs_mori[/caption] In a wonderful surprise, I found my work on display, ready for sale at the Hawaii State Art Museum's Gallery Shop Opening Event!! Thank you, thank you, thank you ever so much to Mori & Lisa Shiroma =) Their support for local artists in Hawaii is epic! [wpvideo to126A3a] Waterfall Drop piece, 75cm x 10cm, a short vid to see what a simple photograph cannot capture. Almost done with this piece, double stranded 20 gauge wire with very unique, handmade beadwork. Another experiment in shapes, forms, colors, and putting the beads on in the correct order. The beads need to be added first and in a backwards fashion to the final pattern. Somehow I got them on sideways to the original pattern. With wire it is a done deal, it's "Make it Work" as Tim Gunn would say. We'll see soon what the final results will be. [caption id="attachment_75242" align="alignnone" width="742"] PhotoCredit: Bernice Akamine/Kahilu Theatre Galleries(?)[/caption] I've learned a lot from listening to Bernice Akamine speak in person. I've learned a lot from her work both as a wire artist and an artist with a strong message as a native Hawai'ian Cultural Practitioner. I highly recommend going to see her work and attending her Artist Talk on Saturday, Aug 19. Ever so disappointed I won't be in Hawaii during the show but I hope you attend. Listen. What will you learn from her? Follow my day to day art adventures on Instagram: StudioDeanna

My work in Mori at The Hub – Honolulu Biennial

Photo Credit @mori_hawaii In partnership with the Honolulu Biennial Foundation, Mori has a great little curated pop-up shop of local artists at The Hub. Thanks to Aly, I am one of the selected local creatives with work available for sale in the shop! Several sizes and colors of my wire crocheted drops are available to add sparkle to your home, workspace, or garden.  "Honolulu Sunrise" is a unique color way I created exclusively for the event: Each piece in the Mori pop-up has been exclusively tagged with "StudioDeanna HB2017" which will only be available until May 8, 2017 when the Honolulu Biennial ends. Check out the cutest ever handmade ceramic sea turtles! My friend @heybeachcake Mariko Marritt adds such great personality to each charm she creates. This sleepy little Honu is finished off with details using 22k gold and floating on a wire crocheted drop of Deep Turquoise powder coating. I'm happy to partner with her on selected crochet drops which are also available at Mori at The Hub. Photo Credit: @mori_hawaii Information about the specially selected artists in the HB, events, and locations available at: To see my daily art adventures, follow me on Instagram @StudioDeanna