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The Latest from the Studio

Sunday was the last day of CAF at Setagaya Art Museum’s Taiji Kiyokawa Gallery. Enjoyed the opportunity to present my AmiNETworks ghost net installation in a new space! Would love to see it in an ocean setting soon. Due to unforeseen circumstances the remainder of my 2018 has drastically changed from its original quiet schedule of artwork construction, to a World Tour possibly including, but not limited to lobsters & lions! The adventures will be amazing and my artwork construction schedule is receiving a major revamp. Unfortunately, I need to stop working on my largest wire sculpture pieces. Their size will make it too difficult to take on Tour. Focusing on a couple of my fiber artwork series,’ which are lightweight and easily transportable, has me almost looking forward to the massive hours of travel time. Almost. In the meantime, I am testing out various textures on various fabrics. Some failures, some successes, lots of fun. A friend and I are putting the last steps together to have a great show in Shibuya towards the end of January Super excited that I will be organizing my fiber work for travel using project bags with my photography! Find more items by visiting my shop >> Follow my day-to-day adventures on Instagram: StudioDeanna It’s been in the 30s (90sF) here in Tokyo with the heat index into the 40s! Stay cool, Stay hydrated everyone!!

Embroidery Designing

Embroidered (3) different colorways of an octopus design to decide which I prefer and found I love each equally so! [gallery type="circle" ids="76367,76366,76365" orderby="rand"] As I decide my future plans for these flower holding octopuses, I finished another piece for a completely different series in which I am working. It's a portrait of my fibroid; originally a photo from the surgery which I photo edited and then had printed onto fabric. Finally, I French Knotted DMC 115 into 8cm of "Bloody Mess." Follow my day-to-day adventures on Instagram: Studio Deanna

Contact Zone: Ami Network Installation – Progress Report II

My Contact Zone installation has been completed! Here are a couple of teaser progress photos of my contribution to Contact Hawaii 2018. Opening Reception on Sat, Aug 7 : Gallery opens at 5:30, Reception begins at 6:00 - 9:00 the Honolulu Museum of Art School in the Main Gallery. Upon completion I've tagged my AmiNETwork art installation, finding the tag I had created has tarnish spots as if it was in the water along with the net. It also reminds me of fishing lures I often used as a child. Of all the times I have flown into Hawai'i, I have repeatedly come from Japan with one time from Australia and only once from Mainland USA. I brought thoughts and ideas with me from Japan & Australia, thoughts on projects for when I arrived in Hawai'i and found Hawai'i so much more than expected. The iconic cherry blossoms in Japan remind me of renewal, the fresh signs of spring. Without the retail sale reminders of impending holidays each year, such as Halloween, I forgot they existed and my personal timeline shifted to the seasonal fruits and flowers throughout the year. Stitching it strong; crocheting holes in the ghost net tapestry with colorful telephone wire. After the show opens, watch for additional photos of the completed project. It's a total of 3.5' x 12.5' (3.75m x 1m) in size! I highly recommend stopping by the Honolulu Museum of Art School to see the complete Contact Hawai'i show. See what others' Contact Zone experience is with Hawai'i. Abbreviated Artist Statement – Stitching the fabric of a loose kind of tapestry starting with Ghost Nets(fishing nets) collected on the beaches; drifting, washing ashore, battered, collected, a piecing together of community. I will be adding to the Ghost Net pieces with the techniques I learned in the Net Making class at Na Mea. The word for both netting and network in Japanese is ami, which is also the word for things made of yarn. It is knit groups in both countries that has helped me stitch a life together. I continue to grapple with my impact in Hawai’i, on the planet, with my activities, both physically and with the people I meet. Is this life capturing culture as my unwitting victims? Or am I stitching a beautiful community together as is my hope?

Gallery Aupuni Space @729studios

We've had a beautiful upgrade @729studios and the Aupuni Place is now Aupuni Space @729 Studios in Kaka'a'ko, Honolulu, Hawaii. We are looking forward to seeing many more guests in this new Aupuni Space Gallery. Our first exhibition will be open through the end of February. Work includes those of us with studio space currently, previously, and guest artists to 729 Studios such as; @SolomonEnos, Candice @clgima_art, Chloe @chloetomomi, and Shingo @shinnyzak, @wabyshaka by @shing02 @spenserlittleart from San Diego is an invited artist to PowWow!Hawaii this year and I recognized his work from a show I attended while living in San Diego myself about 8years ago. It was really wonderful to see how far he has come with his wire work! It was through the Contact show in 2016 that I met a lot of other really lovely artists and supporters in Hawaii when I first moved there. It was through Contact two years ago that I was able to obtain my studio space in Kaka'ako and am loving it! In addition to Aupuni Space Gallery opening, we had our first Open Studios, in which, I reconfigured the Invasives project for a fun wall display over the aluminum framing from another installation. To the right you can see my Ami(Net)works installation for the Contact 2018 in its beginning stages. A piece utilizing ghost netting and colored telephone wire to complete a tapestry of my personal Contact Zone with Hawai'i. Additional pieces I included in my Open Studio are fun acrylic abstract experiments from paints given to my by my friend @chloetomomi Chloe also had wall & shelf space to sell some of her watercolor work: To follow more of my day to day art adventures now that I am back in Japan: @studiodeanna on Instagram

Endangered Ark Opens Friday, May 19

A Call to Action for our endangered species here in Hawaii and around the world on Endangered Species Day. From 6 - 9 PM in the Chinatown Artists Lofts, Gallery Space #203, Ark of the Unicorns will be presenting, The Endangered Ark, a group art show featuring  artwork inspired by the gorgeous flora & fauna living in and around Hawaii. [caption id="attachment_74994" align="alignnone" width="3264"] Endangered Oceans by Deanna Gabiga 42" x 38" Fiber, Ghost Nets, Plastic Yarn[/caption] Our oceans are filled with debris such as ghost nets from the fishing industry, in which many of our endangered species become entangled. These nets are unseen on the surface, a huge drifting hazard below. Make your voice known by writing a postcard message to elected officials regarding The Endangered Species Act: [caption id="attachment_75005" align="alignnone" width="2160"] Choose your favorite postcard to send your message! Photo: Ark of the Unicorns[/caption] [caption id="attachment_75008" align="alignnone" width="640"] Sea Turtle illustration work by Kirsten Carlson Photo: @artsyfishy[/caption] [caption id="attachment_75011" align="alignnone" width="640"] Squee little baby sneak peak by Kirsten Carlson Photo: @artsyfishy[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_75023" align="alignnone" width="640"] Endangered Silver Sword Sculpture & Photo: @florafaunafiber[/caption] [caption id="attachment_75017" align="alignnone" width="640"] Follow @arkoftheunicorns and @theendangeredark for beautiful nature inspired ART and ACTION! Art by Kayleigh Chalkowski @artofbirdology[/caption] This Friday at Chinatown Artists Lofts: 6-9 Endangered Species Day! Several more artists are participating with lovely work to be seen. 30% of sales will be going to the @kauaiforestbirds kauaiforestbirds.org program. Follow my day to day adventures on Instagram: StudioDeanna  

Up Next: In, Of, or About Fiber Hawaii

One of the pieces I entered into the Fiber Hawaii Art Show has been accepted! Was it my crocheted wire vessel, Slosh(v)? Or was it one of my crocheted water Drop(v) wire sculptures? Or was it the third wire crocheted piece, Ewer? With the show theme being In, Of, or About Fiber, I decided to take a chance and added (3) of my macrophotography pieces to be juried. The photograph, Out to Sea, was accepted! Super excited to be a part of this show which opens on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 and runs through Sunday, Sept 11. This show has been a great experience in how very subjective art is really seen. Amazing work by wonderful artists I thought would easily be chosen for the show were not accepted. I took a huge chance with the macrophotography of my crocheted wire sculpture designs and it was accepted. To other artists, I say, if you aren't sure, go for it! For art lovers, you never know what you will find at the next art show, so go! For more of my daily art adventures, follow on me on Instagram: Studio Deanna

An Ocean of Wire Crochet in Macro Photography

Our group, One Little 'Island' Artist Collective, had a great opening night at Square Barrels. A great crowd of friends, family, and art lovers converged to make for a successful Opening Reception. Thank You very much to so many who stopped in last night. The show will be up through, Thursday, July 14. This was my first jump into the world of photography, specifically macro photography and I am really happy with the results. Finding the option to take my 3D wire crochet sculpture work into the 2D world without losing that metal element of my work has been the perfect solution. Each macro photo in the pre-opening photo is 20" x 20" printed on aluminum. My macro photography work and the work of several other OLIA Collective artists are currently available in my Etsy shop: StudioDeanna. Thank You to Square Barrels for providing the venue for our show we greatly appreciate the space. For more of my day to day art adventures follow me on Instagram: StudioDeanna