Bye, Bye 2020 at Launch Pad Gallery in Yokohama

Launch Pad Gallery is OPEN for their Bye Bye 2020 show

Like an exhalation, this is such a great idea for an art exhibition at the end of a difficult year. Many of the works on show at Launch Pad Gallery spoke to my fiber and metals preferences, too!

This fun traditionally shaped Swiss cuckoo clock made from wire by Shida Mihoko says it’s time for you to get down to Launch Pad Gallery in Yokohama.

Gallery open dates and times: (There is no opening reception party due to the pandemic)
Friday, Dec 4 – Monday Dec 7th from 1:00PM – 19:00 and
Friday, Dec 11 – Monday, Dec 14th from 1:00PM – 19:00

Traditional Swiss alarm cuckoo clock created from wire by Shida Mihoko
Wirework by Shida Mihoko 1 of 2 pieces to this work.

This little birdie looks like it has escaped from the clock and is exploring the gallery space.

Wireart bird created by Shida Mihoko on show at Launch Pad Gallery in Yokohama
Wire art bird by Shida Mihoko – 2 of 2 pieces

Shop indie this year! Kyoko, Dog in Disguise, by Eva Li is an avid Indie Shopper, too and you’ll see Kyoko exploring the unique traditional shops meticulously stitched into a book with each page just a bit larger than A4/Letter sized paper. Open the book, which is both hand and machine embroidered on linen, and begin exploring the shops with the expert, Kyoko!

It's Eva Li's Indie Shopper fiber art book containing her character Kyoko, Dog in Disguise
Kyoko, Dog in Disguise, is The Indie Shopper by Eva Li

What an artist does in lockdown/self-isolation is as varied as each artist. One artist, Janette Maxey, embraces her enjoyment of small plants and flowers whereas another artist, D. M. Elliot, chose to completely pivot into another creative endeavor, writing a book tackling the eminent problem of Digital Declutter by creating The BIG Checklist to Obtain Digital Minimalism. Enjoy a quick peek of the sample copy and make your purchase at the gallery of several different works of art and books.

Artwork by Janette Maxey, Digital Declutter book by D. M. Elliot
Artwork by Janette Maxey, Digital Declutter book by D. M. Elliot

My favorite thing about art is the puzzle it presents sometimes. What I see are fun peach bottoms with crocheted bikinis attached to traditional furoshiki fabric yet the label mentions something completely different! I have 10 days to learn what the artist’s message is to the viewer.

Fiber art at the Bye, Bye 2020 exhibition at Launch Pad Gallery

One last metal piece of artwork that is from a well used burn barrel. I like how it is strategically painted with kinsugi styling gold paint in the uniquely raggedy edges.

Metal artwork sliver from a well used burn barrel

There are many more artists at the Bye, Bye 2020 exhibition and I recommend you stop down to Ishikawacho area in Yokohama to check them out:

Names of all the artists showing at the Bye, Bye 2020 exhibition at Launch Pad Gallery
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