A Place to Breath: Watercolor Artworks by Chloe Tomomi

Dreaming of Winter watercolor artwork by Chloe Tomomi

It’s time for me to show who I admire as artists and their artworks…starting with Chloe Tomomi who I met while living in Hawai’i. All her works over US$40 are 40% off through Friday, Dec 11 at 12:00AM (Hawai’i) Add them to your cart to see the sale price!

Watercolor of Bamboo Forest by Chloe Tomomi
Bamboo Serenity by Chloe Tomomi

Nature is often a favored subject matter of hers and it’s therapeutic effects on us. Many of her images are a place for a deep meditative breath, with images of forests and a variety of trees demonstrating the Japanese habit of “Forest Bathing.”

Chloe introduces herself on her website better than I could:
“My name is Chloe Tomomi, and I am a watercolor and gouache artist born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai’i. I have had much exposure to natural landscapes such as jungle, ocean, city, and forest scenes. These environments cause me to feel at peace and give me inner strength. I find hidden messages in every aspect of nature. This inspiration has led me to deeply express my emotions through natural landscapes. I tend to paint peaceful, atmospheric paintings as a reflection of my soul. My hope is that onlookers will have an emotional or spiritual reaction or perhaps recognize a part of themselves in my work. As for my goals, I am aspiring to become a master watercolor artist and teach workshops around the world.”

Dramatic watercolor painting of a forest by Chloe Tomomi called Shinrin Yoku Pt IV
Shinrin_Yoku Pt IV by Chloe Tomomi

Chloe works diligently at learning new techniques and practicing them to create A. Maz. Ing! watercolor pieces that make me say, WOW, every time. Sometimes she posts time-lapse, process videos. Living in Hawai’i and surrounded by water she creates phenomenal pieces with water as a main subject.

Watercolor artwork of the sun glinting off the surface of a lake or ocean, called Shimmer by Chloe Tomomi

Please follow her art making journey on Instagram: Chloe Tomomi and show your support for small, creative businesses by making a purchase via her Etsy Store: Chloe Tomomi. The shimmering ocean watercolor I purchased will warm up my studio during the cold winter 💙

A path in the forest watercolor by Chloe Tomomi called Courage
Courage by Chloe Tomomi

Courage has the viewer standing on a wooded path. It makes you wonder if it took courage to get to this point on the path, or is it courage that is required to continue down the current path?

The Path watercolor artwork by Chloe Tomomi
The Path by Chloe Tomomi

If the Courage piece isn’t the right trail for you, maybe The Path is a better route for you to wander.

Dreaming of Winter watercolor artwork by Chloe Tomomi
Dreaming of Winter by Chloe Tomomi

Tokyo summers get horribly hot so I bought Dreaming of Winter for my own studio space to remind myself that cooler days will come soon. Which artwork in her Etsy shop, Chloe Tomomi, will you choose for your own space?

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