Art Byte Critique: ‘Game Changing Art Collective…’ - Since 2012 I have been a member of Art Byte Critique here in Tokyo, Japan and it has been a game changer for me. We are an international group representing Japan and several countries around the world. We greatly appreciate our inclusion in the write up by INDIE Magazine, July 21, 2017 by Hannah Cassens… Continue reading Art Byte Critique: ‘Game Changing Art Collective…’
The Latest Bits - Under a heavy cloud of jet lag I continue working in my new studio here in Japan. Setup was going well until I realized I somehow lost hardware for the bookcase. sigh. *adds errand to the local hardware store to the ever growing to-do list* We  at Art Byte Critique Group have been busy putting… Continue reading The Latest Bits
Endangered Ark Opens Friday, May 19 - A Call to Action for our endangered species here in Hawaii and around the world on Endangered Species Day. From 6 – 9 PM in the Chinatown Artists Lofts, Gallery Space #203, Ark of the Unicorns will be presenting, The Endangered Ark, a group art show featuring  artwork inspired by the gorgeous flora & fauna… Continue reading Endangered Ark Opens Friday, May 19
Hanging Out at ROC - Thanks to an opportunity through Hawai’i Craftsmen, it’s my turn to have art work at the Real Office Center in Chinatown Honolulu. Two of my waterfall pieces are hanging out in the 1st Floor window: Each piece is a hand-crocheted copper wire sculpture & custom powder-coated ready for hanging indoors or out. Contact me at StudioDeanna… Continue reading Hanging Out at ROC
Honolulu Biennial @ IBM Bldg - More volunteer adventures today at the Honolulu Biennial with work by three internationally renowned artists: Choi Jeong Hwa’s Breathing Flower is not a bounce house despite the best efforts of young children. A blower within regulates its inflation so it acts as a breathing entity.  Being an artist myself, I see it as a good lesson… Continue reading Honolulu Biennial @ IBM Bldg
Honolulu Biennial @ Foster Botanical Garden - My volunteering adventures with the Honolulu Biennial started here at Foster Botanical Gardens, chilling in the shade next to Yayoi Kusama’s Footprints of Life. I first saw these pieces at Design Sight 2121 in Tokyo several years ago and it was interesting to see them again in this new environment and in this new capacity.… Continue reading Honolulu Biennial @ Foster Botanical Garden
So I have this Stash of Blue Yarns… - Brighten a small corner of your home with beautiful ocean blue yarns in this small wall art installation.… Continue reading So I have this Stash of Blue Yarns…
Waterfall Designs - Having a bit of fun exploring the different colors, themes, and organic forms possible with the colored copper wire drop designs: Expanding the limited-edition Honolulu Sunrise color way by creating a larger scene:   Beautiful flowing river fades to copper: Follow my day to day art adventures via Instagram: StudioDeanna
My work in Mori at The Hub – Honolulu Biennial - Photo Credit @mori_hawaii In partnership with the Honolulu Biennial Foundation, Mori has a great little curated pop-up shop of local artists at The Hub. Thanks to Aly, I am one of the selected local creatives with work available for sale in the shop! Several sizes and colors of my wire crocheted drops are available to… Continue reading My work in Mori at The Hub – Honolulu Biennial
Now w/Art Books! The Honolulu Printmakers Show… - Starting this Friday, Nov 25, Impressions16 will open 10 -4 at Honolulu Museum of Art School. This year is unique in that Art Books are now part of the show! I’ll have a great selection of my Travel Journals available. Part of my Migration/Navigation series, I’ve used old flight maps from around the world as inspiration for… Continue reading Now w/Art Books! The Honolulu Printmakers Show…


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