‘10’ – Art Byte Critique 10th Anniversary Exhibition in Yokohama

Art Byte Critique has been vital to my growth as an artist. What started out as a small group of artists, founded by Arthur Huang, in the Tokyo Bay area has grown into an international group that continues to support each other’s creative efforts. Our latest efforts will be exhibited at Launch Pad Gallery starting Friday, Nov 18:

Postcard Image with circles by printmaker Patty Hudak as the background and a circle with the details for Art Byte Critique’s 10th Anniversary Exhibition at Launch Pad Gallery in Yokohama, Japan
Background by printmaker Patty Hudak
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Dark and Moody Midnight Wave Wire Crochet Wall Art

The longer I hang out with my art work in the studio space, the more ideas I have to make changes, updates, and improvements to each piece. As the sun moves around the studio, streaming through the windows throughout the day, my work catches and reflects different light. I work to see how far I can push each piece, how many iterations from a single work can be created. Midnight Wave is a perfect example of my process.

aatchiartMidnight Wave – Long deep turquoise fibers of wool, cotton, and silk extend beyond the panel framing flowing like the water it represents.

Previous Iteration

Midnight Wave was originally an unframed wire work piece first shown at my solo show, INTERVAL, as a piece attached directly the wall at Launch Pad Gallery. It looked nice but I always felt it wasn’t a complete piece.

Choosing to add the abstract wire crochet art work to a solid panel piece allows the shadows to be a part of the same unit instead of relying on a specific solid wall color to see these shadows. Making both the artwork and its shadows into a single work of art.

Detail of meticulous stitching in Midnight Wave

So what do you think? Does the shiny black anodize copper work on the matte black painted panel? How do you like the deep turquoise wool, cotton, and silk fiber against its dark and moody background? It’s an F8 panel sized 39cm high x 46.5cm x 2cm (15 3/8″ high x 18 1/4″ x 1 1/8″.)

It’s available at my shop at SaatchiArt, price includes shipping.

Midnight Wave

The Design Trust Business Club – A Conversation with Anne-Marie

This morning I had the opportunity to talk with Anne-Marie of The Design Trust Business Club and how it has helped me with my small creative business.

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IN/TANGIBLE Exhibition Installed at Art For Thought in Ginza

I am ever so lucky to be exhibiting with such a great group of artists, also members of Art Byte Critique. We are all super supportive of each other’s artistic endeavors. Here’s a short video of me installing my work at the front of the gallery and then I turn the camera to the inside of the gallery for you to see the other three artists completing their installation. Enjoy!

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IN/TANGIBLE Art Exhibition at Art For Thought Gallery in Ginza

Postcard image for IN/TANGIBLE, an art exhibition with Deanna Gabiga, Thomas Gillant, Michelle Zacharias, and Yuko Kamei at Art For Thought Gallery in Ginza, Japan from Friday, July 29th - Wednesday, Aug 10.

2022 is a busy summer for many of us in the Art Byte Critique group. We have another art exhibition coming up with new works debuting at IN/TANGIBLE from Friday, July 29 – Wednesday, August 10, 2022. Mark your calendar, mark your map to Art For Thought, and make an art adventure day of it.

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Studio Deanna with Michelle Zacharias at Independent Tokyo – Summer Art Exhibition

With my friend and fellow Art Byte Critique member, Michelle Zacharias, we are sharing a booth Independent_Tokyo 2022:

Michelle Zacharias & Deanna Gabiga showing at Independent Tokyo Art Exhibition at Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba on Aug 6 & 7, 2022 presented by Tagboat

New steel and copper stitched sculpture works I’ve stitched will be there alongside Michelle’s Anthropocene-inspired dust paintings and circular artworks. This is an art fair with a lot of other artists so please stop by and be inspired.

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