IN/TANGIBLE Exhibition Installed at Art For Thought in Ginza

Wire Sculpture installation installed at Art For Thought Gallery in Ginza

I am ever so lucky to be exhibiting with such a great group of artists, also members of Art Byte Critique. We are all super supportive of each other’s artistic endeavors. Here’s a short video of me installing my work at the front of the gallery and then I turn the camera to the inside of the gallery for you to see the other three artists completing their installation. Enjoy!

Hanging my artwork is when I feel the most insecure about my work. I’m always second guessing it’s reason to exist, second guessing how I want to display it, and second guessing my design choices.

When I’ve hung my framed and 2D artworks, I never feel this way. Before I get to the show space I have it all mapped out in my head with a simple sketch to remind me for when I get there.

It reminds me of first draft writing when it’s best to get all my thoughts out of my head and onto the document. It’s all a bit out of order. Sometimes too much, sometimes too little but through editing and reading it aloud it all comes together. Installing the Interval Loop Series came together through the same process of simply get it out of its tissue wrappings and starting hanging it up. The best height and order would come through as it began to occupy the space.

My biggest insecurity left is that these pieces might be better presented on plinths vs being hung. I think customers are more likely to set it on a flat surface vs hanging it in their home. But then they may choose to hang a piece in their garden?

Inside Art For Thought Gallery

Turning the camera into gallery from where I installed my work in the front, you get a chance to see the other three artists install their work. Please follow them also:

Thomas Gillant, Yuko Kamei, and Michelle Zacharias, all of Art Byte Critique, also 😎

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