“Some days we need to make our own crown.”

Welcome to my Studio,
where bright, tropical Hawai’i style meets the
meticulous aesthetic of Japanese craftsmanship.

 I’m Deanna, a metal and fiber artist who takes a single metal thread and creates meticulously stitched sculptures. My roots in textiles and my experience as a metalsmith bring a beautiful dichotomy to my crochet wire sculptures. I love how the simplicity of a hook and a metal thread become a voluminous, organic installation.

Creating artworks that combine the hard, masculine properties of metals with the soft, feminine textiles, transforms each piece into a stronger, more cohesive sculpture. Each of my designs show my fascination with transformation in our ever changing world.

The rich tropical waters around Hawai’i inspire my favorite color gradations; from the deep turquoise blues to sea foam greens to the silver sparkles of water splashing my toes in the sand. My contemporary wire crochet artwork provides a bright spot for unusual spaces.  Designing for interior decor and outdoor living spaces presents a fun challenge. Creating hand-crocheted, lighted water drops for gardens which double as winter suet feeders for the birds provides year-round practical use for my unique garden sculptures.  Worldwide Shipping!

I loved my studio space in Hawai’i, open to the gorgeous tropical weather all year-round. My favorite years of metal and fiber stitching experiments continue with me here in Japan.
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