‘10’ – Art Byte Critique 10th Anniversary Exhibition in Yokohama

Art Byte Critique has been vital to my growth as an artist. What started out as a small group of artists, founded by Arthur Huang, in the Tokyo Bay area has grown into an international group that continues to support each other’s creative efforts. Our latest efforts will be exhibited at Launch Pad Gallery startingContinue reading “‘10’ – Art Byte Critique 10th Anniversary Exhibition in Yokohama”

Good (Bad?) Enough to Bin It!

Yes! That really great idea I had that turned out to be not such a great idea is going in the Bin. More precisely, Michael Landy’s Art Bin at  Yokohama’s Museum of Art.  As mentioned in my Decluttering Art post, what cannot be reclaimed, repurposed or given away to even one’s mother to love will needContinue reading “Good (Bad?) Enough to Bin It!”

International Quilt Show in Yokohama

Wow. Just Wow. There was an epic amount of patience shown by the quilters in their work at the show. All those itsy bitsy pieces of fabric of all types, sewn into the most amazing scenes and designs just blew me away. Each of them had to have taken months, or even years to complete!Continue reading “International Quilt Show in Yokohama”