International Quilt Show in Yokohama

Wow. Just Wow. There was an epic amount of patience shown by the quilters in their work at the show. All those itsy bitsy pieces of fabric of all types, sewn into the most amazing scenes and designs just blew me away. Each of them had to have taken months, or even years to complete!

While I’m not a quilter, there is a lot of crossover between the fiber arts and there is no rule about where ones next great idea will hit. I was looking for a unique idea to create a quilted octopus hot pad or tea cozy. One artist had gorgeous, unique 3D appliqué flower work that would easily translate to other organic forms. As I soaked in her beautiful completed designs I noticed she had created a very detailed book with her ideas for making these 3D appliqués. The icing on the cake is the designer signed my copy of her book! Very sweet woman, 竹村 竹美.  Her idea of adding in the traditional Japanese stitch designwork in a more modern way is very creative, check out her blog!


A few additional items I picked up were fun prints in which to play and coordinating buttons:

IMG_0005 IMG_0006_2

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  1. That show had some very innovative ideas on what a quilt should be. The best quilt I saw in the entire show was one that did not suit my personal taste but I greatly admired for the quality of the work and the boundaries she pushed as to the definition of a quilt. Wish she would have won the top prize!

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