Tokyo’s Virtual Art Book Fair 2020 and Museum Sketchbooks

Opening image for Tokyo's Virtual Art Book Fair including event dates from Nov 16 - 23, 2020

For Tokyo’s 2020 Virtual Art Book Fair, come with me while I share my observations and sketchbook impressions from three different art adventures I have had in the past couple of years. Join me on my visits to the Rijks Museum in AmsterdamTate Modern in London, and Venice Biennale in Italy. You will see various artworks through my eyes, what impressed me, and my sketchbook notes.

Cover image of a ticket stub and sketching for Venice Biennale
Venice Biennale Art Book – B6 size

Sifting through 100s of photos, culling them down to the essence of my museum experiences, and compiling them into these art books for VABF allows me to relive the experiences. This also helps me to solidify what I have learned during my visits.

Tate Modern Art Book – B6 Size

Before visiting the museums, I can observe the various works at a distance through books and the internet. It’s the being up close and being able to see the detailed brush strokes, the glow from the oil paints, and actual construction of installation pieces that fascinates me. It’s this impact; good or bad, that you’ll find within my art books.

Through my B6 art books, a most comfortable size for traveling and to carry you’ll discover the power of images and sketches in the perfect package of a book. With the shape and size often adding to its meaning

Rijks Museum Art Book – B6 Size

This is a series  I am looking forward to expanding upon. I have several years of amazing museums I have visited around the world. Please stop by my shop for a small peek inside each of my museum experiences and what I’ve enjoyed, what I’ve learned.

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