Wire, Words, and Octopus in the Studio

Wire sculpture detail photograph

September brought a fun set of projects and another bit of adventure for me. And my surprising side project is ready for launch day!

Wire sculpture detail photograph
Wire crochet Enso sculpture detail

The last couple of years have brought a slower, contemplation of my creativity in my favorite metals materials but has flooded back with the enjoyment of creating my stitched sculptures again. A bit more each day and it feels good to be productive again. The pieces will look lovely in a flowering garden come spring time.

Book cover for Digital Declutter: The BIG Checklist To Obtain Digital Minimalism
Launch Date: Tuesday, October 6

I swept out my electronic cobwebs and re-homed my digital dustbunnies. The BIG Checklist I needed to create for my own digital decluttering is ready for its publishing launch date this Tuesday, October 6! If you’re overrun with your own thundering herds of digital dust bunnies, then check out my book available for pre-order on Kindle. It’s also distributed and available NOW at other ebooks retailers including; Nook, Apple Books, Kobo, Tolino, and Vivlio.

A big pumpkin scone with pumkin seeds on top, and a wee bit of drippy orange frosting drizzled on top.
Pumpkin Scone from Starbucks

At least once per week, I go to a nearby coffee shop with good outdoor seating. It happens to be a Starbucks and I couldn’t resist their seasonal offering of a yummy pumpkin scone. Warmed just right with pumpkin seeds and a wee bit of drippy frosting on top makes it a not too sweet treat. I hope they have them again next week :)

Pastel pencil tako tentacles on toothy pastel paper. In anticipation of Octopus Day.
Octopus Arms in pastel pencil

October 8th is World Octopus Day! Each Thursday, my friends and I get together for a Skype Sketch session to stay connected and keep our creative skills sharp. My favorite creature to sketch are octopuses and I’m ready for Octopus Day this coming Thursday, are you?

Share your own octopus drawings with me on my Twitter @studiodeanna

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