Visiting Tate Modern Art Book


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For 2020’s Virtual Art Book Fair, I have chosen to share my observations and sketchbook impressions from different art adventures I have had in the past couple of years. Detailing my visits to the Tate Modern in London you will see artworks through my eyes, my impressions, and sketches.
Sifting through 100s of photos, culling them down to the essence of my museum experiences, and compiling them into these art books for Tokyo’s Virtual Art Book Fair (VABF) allows me to relive the experiences. It also helps me to solidify what I have learned during my visits to each of the museums.
Before visiting the museums, I can observe the various works at a distance through books and the internet. It’s the being up close and being able to see the detailed brush strokes, the glow from the oil paints, and actual construction of installation pieces that fascinates me. It’s this impact; good or bad, that you’ll find within my art books.
Enjoy my B6 art books, a most comfortable size for traveling and you’ll discover the power of images and sketches in this perfect package of a book.