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We’ve had a beautiful upgrade @729studios and the Aupuni Place is now Aupuni Space @729 Studios in Kaka’a’ko, Honolulu, Hawaii. We are looking forward to seeing many more guests in this new Aupuni Space Gallery. Our first exhibition will be open through the end of February.

Work includes those of us with studio space currently, previously, and guest artists to 729 Studios such as; @SolomonEnos, Candice @clgima_art, Chloe @chloetomomi, and Shingo @shinnyzak,

@wabyshaka by @shing02

@spenserlittleart from San Diego is an invited artist to PowWow!Hawaii this year and I recognized his work from a show I attended while living in San Diego myself about 8years ago. It was really wonderful to see how far he has come with his wire work!

It was through the Contact show in 2016 that I met a lot of other really lovely artists and supporters in Hawaii when I first moved there. It was through Contact two years ago that I was able to obtain my studio space in Kaka’ako and am loving it!

In addition to Aupuni Space Gallery opening, we had our first Open Studios, in which, I reconfigured the Invasives project for a fun wall display over the aluminum framing from another installation.

To the right you can see my Ami(Net)works installation for the Contact 2018 in its beginning stages. A piece utilizing ghost netting and colored telephone wire to complete a tapestry of my personal Contact Zone with Hawai’i.

Additional pieces I included in my Open Studio are fun acrylic abstract experiments from paints given to my by my friend @chloetomomi

Chloe also had wall & shelf space to sell some of her watercolor work:

To follow more of my day to day art adventures now that I am back in Japan: @studiodeanna on Instagram

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