Loop Sculpture Series

INTERVAL Loop I copper and steel hand crochet wire sculpture finished in vivacious red

Loop Sculpture series came about by asking myself to create one type of wire crochet fabric and then transforming it into a completely different, self-supporting form. The first five in the series have been completed and are available at SaatchiArt.

Each piece is hand-crocheted from copper and steel wire pieces and professionally finished in a durable outdoor friendly coating that loves the sunshine!

Details Matter

Each sculpture in this series is perfect for a small pop of color in a room on an end table or for a mantle piece. Check out the detail images from each of the pieces below:

From Bare Wire to Final Finish

Stitch by stitch – here I am at INTERVAL, my solo show at Launch Pad Gallery, demonstrating I how create my crochet wire fabric pieces. This is INTERVAL Ribbon I in process:

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