~ Ami(NET)works ~

I live at the collision-prone intersection of social curiosity + Environmentalism, suturing a life between Hawai’i and Japan.
My connection to any specific land is light. I grasp my network of friends tightly as it is my only lifeline, my communication.
My roots are shallow. A ghost net drifting as directives, unseen like the tides, wash me ashore.
Stitches are connections, ever creating relationships and collections. Orders pulling me pack out to see to drift again, testing the strength of every stitch, demanding to know how tight is each row woven, and demonstrating how much is lost through a loose stitch or two. 
Stitching the fabric of a loose kind of tapestry starting with Ghost Nets collected on the beaches piecing together a community.
The word for both netting (編み) and network (網)in Japanese is ami, which is also the word for things made of yarn. It is knit groups in both countries that has helped me stitch a life together.
I continue to grapple with my impact in Hawai’i, on the planet, with my activities, both physically and with the people I meet.
Am I stitching a beautiful community together as is my hope?

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