Knit Artist Saki Chikaraishi

Part of the Cosmic Girls Exhibition in the Marunouchi House across from Tokyo Station is a fun knit & crochet exhibition by Saki Chikaraishi. Check out this huge Earth installation piece complete with satellites orbiting: A satellite complete with it’s solar panel. Wire holds the shape of this item as it orbits the large knitContinue reading “Knit Artist Saki Chikaraishi”

Ginza – Tokyo Art Gallery Adventures

Every Ginza Gallery Hop starts at the elephant in Ginza.  It’s decorations are regularly changed by advertisers so we’re always curious what he will look like next. This time around we have no idea what was being advertised. Stopped at the Mirror Exhibition and saw work by Kohei Nawa using acrylic on paper that reminded meContinue reading “Ginza – Tokyo Art Gallery Adventures”