The Shop is Open!

Slowly I’ve been adding in the fun items I’ve been working on this summer in my studio into a shop on Saatchi Art.

Perfected the crochet pattern in this Water Drop created from 22 gauge wire on a Japanese 3/0 hook. Pulled out my jewelry tools and created a hand-stamped signature tag, too.


 Continuing to explore new dimensions in metals, I’ve been working with macro photography and printing the results on aluminum. Sapphire Magic Loop shows just one way in which I start the wire crocheted sculptures.


Love the look I am finding with the Black & White options. The clean, minimalist visuals show an order in otherwise complicated stitches. Tracks Noir, below, is 24″ x 30″


The next photograph, Wire Noir, is one of my favorites. It clearly shows the coils not normally seen in the yarn version of the bullion stitch. 40″ x 30″


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Many Thanks for Supporting “Invasives”

The opening night of Contact Hawaii 2016 was extraordinary! Over 100 works of art from 89 juried participants made for a great pa’ina. Lots of friends, family, and art lovers came out to support the show.


Thank you to Kai for the handmade lei, hand-dyed rosemary green and avocado pit pink.

Received a lei of purple flowers from my collaborator’s family, thank you for your support and patience as we diligently worked.

Also received a lei from the organizers, Pu‘uhonua Society. Thank you for seeing the potential in our textile art installation idea. Same to the curators of the show, thank you for seeing the potential in our work.

Thanks to many from Aloha Knitters who stopped by to see what all those leaves were that I was creating.

And thanks to my collaborator for helping make “Invasives” a success.

Here are a few photos from the Opening Pa’ina:


We have yet to take good photographs of the work due to it’s unique setup in the large split landing staircase and the mixed lighting. When we do get a skilled photographer in the space we will post these photos.

7 Days Until Contact 2016 Opening…

…but only 4 days until installation begins!

My stitch partner, Michelle, and I had a face to face today and I got to see the thought she put into her fiber choices for the kahuli, Hawaiian Tree Snails. They really do have their own sparkle!

 The combined textile and wire vine design I created met with her approval and we think will address concerns about damage a purely wire crocheted vine may cause. 

Tonight I’m taking inventory of completed leaf sizes and prioritizing the remaining partially completed pieces. This has been an intense project for my favorite Clover double ended crochet hooks and I have been very happy with how well they have held up. But, yes, they now have a groove from the heavy workload.  

 Contact 2016: Foreign & Familiar opens on Thursday, March 24 from 5-8PM at Honolulu Museum of Art School. 

9 Days & a Sneak Peek

With Contact 2016 opening only 9 days away Michelle and I are stitching our art installation together as quickly as possible. 

Michelle has sent a sneak peek at her part in our project:

Her stitch work tells the story of the kāhuli, Hawaiian Tree Snails, and their populations here. 

No, the kāhuli do not hang out in the Philodendron vines which I am creating for our combined art installation. My vines represent the current incompatibility of human influx and intervention upon the ecosystem in Hawai’i. The Philodendron is considered a non-native, invasive plant. 

An ‘in the studio’ photo of my wire crochet work; my lapdesk as I binge watch Netflix. 

Knit Artist Saki Chikaraishi

Part of the Cosmic Girls Exhibition in the Marunouchi House across from Tokyo Station is a fun knit & crochet exhibition by Saki Chikaraishi. Check out this huge Earth installation piece complete with satellites orbiting:



A satellite complete with it’s solar panel.


Wire holds the shape of this item as it orbits the large knit Earth.

Find more of Saki’s Chikaraishi’s work on her website –

The Cosmic Girls Exhibition runs through Sunday, November 16 so get there soon, before it ends!!

And now, because every post should end with yummy sweet potato (焼いも)  ice cream accompanied by dried and salted wakami and a cookie: