Many Thanks for Supporting “Invasives”

The opening night of Contact Hawaii 2016 was extraordinary! Over 100 works of art from 89 juried participants made for a great pa’ina. Lots of friends, family, and art lovers came out to support the show.    Thank you to Kai for the handmade lei, hand-dyed rosemary green and avocado pit pink. Received a leiContinue reading “Many Thanks for Supporting “Invasives””

Hook the Deep – The Hadal Zone in Fiber

Travel down, down, down to the deepest parts of the ocean. Down below 6000 meters and more into the Hadal Zone. Here is where Michelle Schwengel-Regala has recreated in fiber the mysterious and amazing creatures that roam the Hadal Zone. Creating adorable Sea Pigs, which are a type of sea cucumber, in their natural color,Continue reading “Hook the Deep – The Hadal Zone in Fiber”