Many Thanks for Supporting “Invasives”

The opening night of Contact Hawaii 2016 was extraordinary! Over 100 works of art from 89 juried participants made for a great pa’ina. Lots of friends, family, and art lovers came out to support the show.


Thank you to Kai for the handmade lei, hand-dyed rosemary green and avocado pit pink.

Received a lei of purple flowers from my collaborator’s family, thank you for your support and patience as we diligently worked.

Also received a lei from the organizers, Pu‘uhonua Society. Thank you for seeing the potential in our textile art installation idea. Same to the curators of the show, thank you for seeing the potential in our work.

Thanks to many from Aloha Knitters who stopped by to see what all those leaves were that I was creating.

And thanks to my collaborator for helping make “Invasives” a success.

Here are a few photos from the Opening Pa’ina:


We have yet to take good photographs of the work due to it’s unique setup in the large split landing staircase and the mixed lighting. When we do get a skilled photographer in the space we will post these photos.

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