Big Moves in Hawaii

April was a month of great leaps forward!

I’ve obtained a great studio space, have moved into it and am enjoying the single-minded purposefulness and energy of the area. Purchased a few items from Re-Use Hawaii’s 20% off on Earth Day and am in the middle of designing the space to fit my needs yet flexible enough to be of use to future members to the studio.


So yes, as you can see there is a lot of creative clutter happening :)

This allowed us to move into a smaller apartment to reduce our essential overhead expenses! Downsizing is our current grand experiment. Although when I really look at the new situation, it’s more like rightsizing our lives.


I’ve been exploring macrophotography, Photoshop, and embellishing photos on aluminum with 3D fiber and wire elements.


I special ordered custom-made large gauge steel Crochet Hooks created at a fabrication shop near my studio. Makes working with the larger gauge wires much easier! Took one back as it needed that “thumb” rest. Turns out I actually use that to pull the wire loops through vs as a thumb rest. They did an amazing job!


This additional space is also allowing me to rework some older pieces into wonderful new ideas using telephone wire comparing/contrasting ones roots vs networks. All this elbow room has greatly lengthened my To Do list…time to prioritize so I’m not just stitching in circles :)

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