7 Days Until Contact 2016 Opening…

…but only 4 days until installation begins!

My stitch partner, Michelle, and I had a face to face today and I got to see the thought she put into her fiber choices for the kahuli, Hawaiian Tree Snails. They really do have their own sparkle!

 The combined textile and wire vine design I created met with her approval and we think will address concerns about damage a purely wire crocheted vine may cause. 

Tonight I’m taking inventory of completed leaf sizes and prioritizing the remaining partially completed pieces. This has been an intense project for my favorite Clover double ended crochet hooks and I have been very happy with how well they have held up. But, yes, they now have a groove from the heavy workload.  

 Contact 2016: Foreign & Familiar opens on Thursday, March 24 from 5-8PM at Honolulu Museum of Art School. 

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