What is Contact 2016: Foreign and Familiar?

Why did Michelle and I choose to participate in this show?

 From the http://www.contacthawaii.com website:

Foreign and Familiar focuses on the experiences of communities that have migrated to and from Hawai‘i, and the subsequent impact that this amalgam of cultures has imparted on our Islands.

We both now call Hawaii home, she has been here for a decade and I am a recent transplant after spending over a decade in Japan. Our mutual interest in the natural environment has led us to explore our new home and we see the effects of the ever growing population.

The theme of Foreign and Familiar spoke to me as I am supposed to be familiar to life here in the US but as I’ve never lived in Hawaii before I feel as if a foreigner. In learning about many of the amazing plants growing here on this tropical island, they are just as foreign as I. Some have learned to share the limited space and work with other plants in the environment, yet others take over those that are already here, they become invasive. It had me wondering how I can grow to fit here in Hawaii.

I’d like the viewer to ask themselves how they fit here on this overcrowded island.

6 days until opening, 3 days until install, I’m giving my burned out crochet hooks a rest and using my sewing machine instead:

 Stop by the Honolulu Museum of Art School starting Thursday, March 24 at 5PM. Our work will be on the 2nd Floor mezzanine. The show will continue through April 17.

We can also be found on Instagram: StudioDeanna and SpamKNITsubi

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