9 Days & a Sneak Peek

With Contact 2016 opening only 9 days away Michelle and I are stitching our art installation together as quickly as possible.  Michelle has sent a sneak peek at her part in our project:    Her stitch work tells the story of the kāhuli, Hawaiian Tree Snails, and their populations here.  No, the kāhuli do notContinue reading “9 Days & a Sneak Peek”

Countdown to Contact 2016

Only 11 days until the opening on Thursday, March 24 at the Honolulu Museum of Art School on Victoria St. Partnering with another artist, Michelle Schwengala, we are presenting at Contact 2016 Hawai’i from a natural & social science perspective. Right here! On the mezzanine bannister. Be sure to make your way up to theContinue reading “Countdown to Contact 2016”

La Petite Show Details

This Saturday, Aug 8, 2015 will be my first group art exhibition in Honolulu! My work, along with 9 other artists, will be hanging in Square Barrels from 8AM – 9PM. Meet & Great the Artists will be from 6 – 9PM Make a day of it! Free Art Adventures are also happening across HotelContinue reading “La Petite Show Details”


It’s been 5 years since the original idea of creating a wire crochet butterfly installation crossed my mind. Part of a brainstorming session with my friend Tracy in San Diego about the “Rites of Passage” theme for a festival the next year. Thus began the crochet chapter of my life. A couple tips from SarahContinue reading “Collaboration”

Not just for Spinners – Tokyo Spinning Party!

Friends and I visited the Tokyo Spinning Party on Monday. A show full of fleeces, silks, spindles, batts, workshops, and lots of other colorful yarn-y goodness.  White Romany, approx US$10.00 for 3oz. 5 Ladies in a Felting Class Is spinning popular in Japan? Happy Spinning’s booth full of batts was cleaned out! Completely! Yes, spinningContinue reading “Not just for Spinners – Tokyo Spinning Party!”

Decluttering Artwork

Nothing escapes my decluttering madness when it starts and my creative endeavors are no exception. Sometimes I’m lucky and all the materials can be fully reclaimed. Hours and hours went into the meter long wide scarf I was making from a super yummy wool/cashmere mix but in reality it just looked like a pile ofContinue reading “Decluttering Artwork”