Not just for Spinners – Tokyo Spinning Party!

Friends and I visited the Tokyo Spinning Party on Monday. A show full of fleeces, silks, spindles, batts, workshops, and lots of other colorful yarn-y goodness.

Tokyo Spinning Party1

Tokyo Spinning Party 2

 White Romany, approx US$10.00 for 3oz.

Tokyo Spinning Party Felting

5 Ladies in a Felting Class

Is spinning popular in Japan? Happy Spinning’s booth full of batts was cleaned out! Completely! Yes, spinning is popular in Japan.

Tokyo Spinning Party Silk

Lots of Silk!

& weaving

Tokyo Spinning Party Loom

Tokyo Spinning Party - Boya Farm

Looking for more adventure? Check out Boya Sheep Farm in Hokkaido, complete with Sheepdog Shows at the farm.

I picked up a few things that might work for my Tropical Butterfly Garden art installation:

Ulysses Blue

A bit of sparkly blue to use in  combination with another yarn to create a great look for the Ulysses Butterflies.

Tokyo Spinning Party Yarn Big texture that might work for the rainforest floor along with this most grass-like yarn. Grass Yarn

Looking forward to attending next year!

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