Decluttering Artwork

Nothing escapes my decluttering madness when it starts and my creative endeavors are no exception.

Sometimes I’m lucky and all the materials can be fully reclaimed. Hours and hours went into the meter long wide scarf I was making from a super yummy wool/cashmere mix but in reality it just looked like a pile of leftover birthday cake.


When I pulled it out to reclaim the yarn, it left a pile of rainbow confetti ramen. IMG_0045

A run through on the Yarn Winder and I have fresh cakes ready for that as yet unfound perfect pattern:


IMG_0047 Even the piece in progress from the first post I made is subject to scrutiny. It didn’t make it. Still like the lovely idea I had for a scarf. Using the lace thread popular here in Japan, I ran into the speed bump of having to pick up more at Yuzawaya and just never picked it up again to finish. I asked myself, “Why did I choose not to finish this project?” In the end it doesn’t matter, I’ll never finish it or be satisfied if I ever do. So I’ve ripped out as much as possible down to the Wedding Ring chain pattern. Sure I’ll keep the chain for another project but it will likely be tossed in the next round of decluttering madness.

What cannot be reclaimed, repurposed or given away to even one’s mother to love will need to go to the garbage bin.  This huge (1 meter across) black snowflake needs such a home. It reminds me too much of a yucky spiderweb so I’m applying to the Art Bin Project by Michael Landy at the Yokohama Triennale to bin it.


IMG_0018 But will my bad art idea be good enough? Will I be able to give it a chance to be rejected with dignity in an art museum with a tribe of other rejected art?

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