Ginza – Tokyo Art Gallery Adventures

Every Ginza Gallery Hop starts at the elephant in Ginza. Ginza Elephant

It’s decorations are regularly changed by advertisers so we’re always curious what he will look like next. This time around we have no idea what was being advertised.

Stopped at the Mirror Exhibition and saw work by Kohei Nawa using acrylic on paper that reminded me of the Spirograph drawing toy I had as a child.

 IMG_0258 Kohei Nawa also did a work directly on the wall of the gallery using glue.


This amazing paper artist, Mikito Ozeki, has hand cut these pieces of archival paper! IMG_0264

There are thousands of cutouts on multiple layers of paper within these frames that are more than a meter in height and at least a meter in length! Whether or not you like the art itself, I find the amount of work and patience it takes to do this mind-blowing!


What drew me to this exhibition was the write up in Spoon & Tamago regarding Sayaka Miyata’s embroidery work.

Sayaka Miyata The photos don’t do it justice. The work is extremely well done and the threads have an iridescent quality to them. This piece is about 50cm x 50cm. The size and scale of her work is also difficult to see.

IMG_0267 I love this piece, love how the artist enlarged a detail and then extended it into a large 3D installation.

 IMG_0268 The hand embroidered piece also shows Sayaka Miyata’s talent with hand embroidery work. The choice of colors, subject and stitchwork are beautiful.

Our next stop was Tokyo Station area’s, Marunouchi House, and a visit to Cosmic Girls Exhibition. This fun, visually warping piece is done by Haruka Kojin:


Found a great yarn and crochet stitch artist, Saki Chikaraishi, here at Cosmic Girls and she deserves her own post so be sure to stop back to read about her unique use of Addi knitting machines!!

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  1. Wow! That 3D installation is amazing. I liked the “spirograph” piece, too. My kids have a modern version of that toy, but it’s not the same as the one I remember.

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