Special Rainforest Order of Yarn

As I experiment with the colored-copper wire designs, the special order of rainforest colored yarns I ordered from Yarn vs. Zombies is being completed.

Check out the great colors!

FanPalm tropicalgarden_birdwingvine

The scale of the Butterfly Flight Prep art installation has necessitated specially ordering the yarn. The alternative is running around multiple yarn shops in Tokyo searching for specific colors in specific textures. The train system is amazingly convenient but not cheap.


And what happens if I didn’t buy enough?  Will I be able to get more from the store?

The correct colors are so important to this project!


You can follow Yarn vs. Zombies on Instagram and also follow my daily progress as I build the Butterfly Flight Prep installation project at Studio Deanna on Instagram.


All photos by Yarn vs. Zombies

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  1. Thanks, I’m excited to be putting this project together! It will take me the full 5 months to create this Butterfly Rainforest, lots of work ahead of me but fun materials in which to play :)

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