Sketchbook Look

Working on drawing Octopi this month to document my Tako Life cookbook project. Using my Evernote Moleskine, I am now getting a better idea of how I would like my pages and designs to look. Even the best colors to use. While 2D work is not my forte I do enjoy it just to colorContinue reading “Sketchbook Look”

2nd Most Important Item in our Expat Life: Local Calendar

Just purchased our Japanese 2014 Wall Calendar! After my Japanese/English electronic dictionary app, the local calendar hanging on our wall is the most important item for us living here in Japan. Most holidays are so different or so subtle in their observance that I don’t even know it is a holiday until I’m at theContinue reading “2nd Most Important Item in our Expat Life: Local Calendar”

Solar Flair Fibres-My New Favorite Yarn Shop

Just received my first order from the Australian-based yarn dyer, Solar Flair Fibres. Love. It! I’ve been looking for the perfect skein of blues to make a scarf for my MIL and it simply showed up at my door this afternoon :) It’s not just the yummy yarn, it’s not just the perfect colour IContinue reading “Solar Flair Fibres-My New Favorite Yarn Shop”

I Am Your Reading Audience!

With over 700 eBooks on my Kindle App and over 95% of them completely read and sometimes reread, I am a voracious reader. If you see me on my phone, I’m not reading Facebook or checking twitter. I’m reading. If you are late to our get together, that’s ok. I’m reading. If the train hasn’tContinue reading “I Am Your Reading Audience!”

Creativity Powered by Tako 蛸

The amazing selection of delicious seasonal fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood in even the most mundane grocery store here in Japan has really peaked my interest in cooking. Of all the ingredients readily available, my respect for Octopus has continued to increase as I explore all the options available for cooking this nutrition packed Mollusk.Continue reading “Creativity Powered by Tako 蛸”