Electric Butterflies Art Installation – Photos: Shiro Oni

Now fully set up inside Kotoriya Studio, Electric Butterflies at Shiro Oni in Gunma, Japan, had its debut during Onishi’s summer festival called Natsu Matsuri. Created during my artist residency here, Electric Butterflies is an art installation exploring the demise & disposal of the electronic personality. It is a technological reclamation art installation project combiningContinue reading “Electric Butterflies Art Installation – Photos: Shiro Oni”

Open Studio Invitation- Electric Butterflies Art Installation

Come for the Open Studio, stay for the Summer Festival (Natsu Matsuri) in Onishi! Grab your Suica Card and jump on the train. Get out of the big city for a summer day trip! My latest work is an installation piece entitled: – Electric Butterflies – Demise & Disposal of the electronic personality. A technologicalContinue reading “Open Studio Invitation- Electric Butterflies Art Installation”

Progress Report – Shiro Oni Studios Artist Residency

One week done and only one week left to go! More photos of my adventures and the work I’ve been doing on my Electric Butterflies art installation project:  June is the rainy season here in Japan and the raindrops clinging to this momiji (Japanese Maple) in the pale morning light were a lovely sight asContinue reading “Progress Report – Shiro Oni Studios Artist Residency”

Busy Week at Artist Residency in Gunma, Japan

An artist residency here at Shiro Oni Studio is about more than just making art. There’s making connections, eating amazing food, and learning new skills. Zipping around this little rural space on a hot pink fixed gear bike has been great fun. Here’s a random photo collection from this past week:  Wifi!  Not liking thisContinue reading “Busy Week at Artist Residency in Gunma, Japan”

Japanese Ceramic Art Appreciation – John Dix

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a ceramic workshop with John Dix at Shiro Oni Studios in Gunma Prefecture here in Japan. John Dix has been living here in Japan for the past 20 years studying and perfecting his Japanese ceramic techniques so I was excited to learn about another creative medium fromContinue reading “Japanese Ceramic Art Appreciation – John Dix”