RESULTS! Japanese Ceramic Workshop pieces have been fired

Back in early April I took a Ceramics Workshop with John Dix where my novice hands created 2 little cups and a few buttons to be kiln fired during the Golden Week holiday here at Shiro Oni Studio in Gunma, Japan.  Picked up my pieces yesterday and I’m super happy with the results!  One ofContinue reading “RESULTS! Japanese Ceramic Workshop pieces have been fired”

Japanese Ceramic Art Appreciation – John Dix

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a ceramic workshop with John Dix at Shiro Oni Studios in Gunma Prefecture here in Japan. John Dix has been living here in Japan for the past 20 years studying and perfecting his Japanese ceramic techniques so I was excited to learn about another creative medium fromContinue reading “Japanese Ceramic Art Appreciation – John Dix”