Electric Butterflies Art Installation – Photos: Shiro Oni

Now fully set up inside Kotoriya Studio, Electric Butterflies at Shiro Oni in Gunma, Japan, had its debut during Onishi’s summer festival called Natsu Matsuri. Created during my artist residency here, Electric Butterflies is an art installation exploring the demise & disposal of the electronic personality. It is a technological reclamation art installation project combiningContinue reading “Electric Butterflies Art Installation – Photos: Shiro Oni”

The Happy Accident: Following through on a Butterfly Mistake

As I sit and enjoy my meditative crocheting moments I often forget to count and all too often this leads to detrimental mistakes in my work which then needs to be ripped back and redone. Sometimes I just go with the flow and don’t worry if my cute little cherry blossom suddenly has 6 petals.Continue reading “The Happy Accident: Following through on a Butterfly Mistake”

Newest Crocheter

Bring your sunglasses to this party because the Newest Crocheter on the block is working in Neon Yarn-y Goodness! Starting with a simple square coaster design, she chose to randomly shorten her rows for a unique updated look. Rocking the round rows she tried 3 different stitches for an ever-expanding look to her round coasterContinue reading “Newest Crocheter”