Electric Butterflies Art Installation – Photos and Video

Fully set up at Kotoriya Studio at Shiro Oni Studios in Onishi, Gunma Japan, Electric Butterflies had it’s debut during Onishi’s Natsu Matsuri.

Created during my Artist Residency there, Electric Butterflies is an art installation exploring the demise & disposal of the electronic personality. A technological reclamation art installation project combining metals and fibers.

What happens when our computer dies? What happens to the electronic personality upon our death?

Providing an explosive view of a laptop at the moment of its death, Electric Butterflies, demonstrates the release of the electronic personality within through the hand-crocheted neon yarn butterfly motifs and supportive wire crochet accents.

As small electronics continue to be pervasive in our society, society also has a need to address the demise and the disposal of our electronic personality and its toxic body, a laptop in this case, the same as we carefully handle the death of a loved one.


Nighttime at Kotoriya Studio as the Summer Festival parade thunders by to the beat of the taiko drums.

Thank You very much to my photographer friends who have been able to capture my Electric Butterflies so much better than I. These photos belong to them.

IMG_0158 Electric Butterflies fills a space measuring 250cm x 350cm (approx 8 feet x 11.5 feet) Despite its size it doesn’t weigh very much, the laptop pieces and the aluminum framing are the heaviest items so it is easy to maneuver, transport and hang.

A flock of neon butterflies carries away the dying electronic personality and parts of its computer body;IMG_0164


Check out the YouTube video for another perspective:


Neon yellow yarn with sparkly blue embroidery floss create the butterfly wing motif developing as it flows away from the initial point of its death:


Orange neon yarn wing motif with the black doily covered battery, IMG_0168 IMG_0169 Misc computer wire covered in orange neon yarn with butterfly wing motif.

IMG_0171 Keyboard detail, the butterflies have burst forth from this point carrying various keys from the keyboard.

Laptop Cover is also blown away to the opposite site of the installation. IMG_0174 Butterfly wing motif is created using wire crochet and yarn techniques.


The Happy Accident: Following through on a Butterfly Mistake

As I sit and enjoy my meditative crocheting moments I often forget to count and all too often this leads to detrimental mistakes in my work which then needs to be ripped back and redone. Sometimes I just go with the flow and don’t worry if my cute little cherry blossom suddenly has 6 petals. Or if my beret has the correct pattern repeats.

IMG_0001 Such was the day I was experimenting with butterfly patterns. Starting with a simple folded butterfly pattern which started with 8 wings that then needed to be folded for a cute, little 3D butterfly. Of course, my butterfly only came out with 7 wings which does not easily fold in half to provide the correct effect.

IMG_0036 So I sat there, too lazy to rip it back, wondering how to move forward. Using the odd wing out to create a body and then folding only 2 of the wing pieces down, I have now created a much more anatomically correct 3D butterfly, exactly as I was searching to design!

IMG_0037_2 These neon butterfly designs of varying sizes are going into my next art installation, Electric Butterflies: Demise and Disposal of the Electronic Personality. A technological reclamation art installation project combining metals and fibers. On Saturday I’ll be starting my first Artist Residency at Shiro Oni Studios in Gunma Prefecture, Japan! わくわくをします!!

Serendipity. Thank you!

Newest Crocheter

Bring your sunglasses to this party because the Newest Crocheter on the block is working in Neon Yarn-y Goodness! Starting with a simple square coaster design, she chose to randomly shorten her rows for a unique updated look.


Rocking the round rows she tried 3 different stitches for an ever-expanding look to her round coaster design.


A hyperbolic scrubby completes her line of fabulously functional crochet work: