Busy Week at Artist Residency in Gunma, Japan

An artist residency here at Shiro Oni Studio is about more than just making art. There’s making connections, eating amazing food, and learning new skills. Zipping around this little rural space on a hot pink fixed gear bike has been great fun. Here’s a random photo collection from this past week:

IMG_0013 Wifi!

IMG_0015 Not liking this design…

Designing on the fly…


Much better, the ruler measures 50cm.


IMG_0044_2 Taiko Drum music…Our next group practice is Saturday night!! I’m panicking just thinking about it. The drum music seems to be passed down aurally from generation to generation so writing it down with proper rests noted, adagio, staccato, codas, and which stick to hit are just not written. Of course, they are all in synch so even if I hit the beat correctly but with the wrong hand, it’s still not right.  I’ll be off to the side with the little kids practicing on a tire.

IMG_0033 At the end of the day, my worktable looks like this…

But the piece is looking like this:


IMG_0046_2 Local Flowers in front of JPost.

IMG_0047_2 Lovely shop, On Y Va! that has several local artist’s work for sale. Adorable felted items, glass bead works, soap carving and more.

IMG_0035 Bold African print project bag for my stray yarns. Handmade by Kooni, and similar items are available in her online shop.

IMG_0048 A very well loved ‘castle’ in Onishi. A gorgeous home, Shino Atelier, and small Cafe on Sunday and Mondays. I’m looking forward to seeing it on Sunday.

I thought my project was going good until I saw these Aluminum Alien Spaceship frames and said Must. Have! I have no idea what their original purpose was but they were at the local recycling place and when I went in to ask for a couple they even delivered to my studio. Yay! for customer service in Japan! Already starting to integrate them into my project, first step being to cut them down a bit. My time is almost half over so I must get back to work.

IMG_0041_2 IMG_0049_2

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