Progress Report – Shiro Oni Studios Artist Residency

One week done and only one week left to go! More photos of my adventures and the work I’ve been doing on my Electric Butterflies art installation project:

IMG_0053_2 June is the rainy season here in Japan and the raindrops clinging to this momiji (Japanese Maple) in the pale morning light were a lovely sight as I stepped out of my ryokan (Traditional Japanese Inn) one morning.

IMG_0060_2 View from my room at the ryokan another morning.

IMG_0064 Thankfully my work with bright neons and el-wire has ensured my days are always sunny!

IMG_0069_2 Found my orange neon yarn at the bottom of the bag.

IMG_0068 The beginnings of putting it all together…

IMG_0059 Laptop speaker ready for placement within the installation.

IMG_0061_2 Breaktime with Sprinkles! Went to a town BBQ at a nearby community center where they had huge tako senbei (Octopus Rice Crackers) that one could paint a design with a red syrup which then had sprinkles poured over the top. This small town used to have a population of approx 12,000 people as little as 10 years ago, now there are estimated to be less than 7,000. This is a phenomenon happening throughout rural Japan as jobs move to big cities.

IMG_0073 I am using the butterfly wing motif throughout the installation on several pieces within the work.

IMG_0070 12 gauge aluminum wire feels as soft as working with 26 gauge copper wire. Must be off to get another delicious breakfast at Oni Cafe, and must get back to work! Last night I realized for the right effect I will need to cover the aluminum frame I purchased in yarn. The current look of raw aluminum is too distracting. For daily progress reports you are welcome to follow me on Instagram at Studio Deanna.



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