Busy Week at Artist Residency in Gunma, Japan

An artist residency here at Shiro Oni Studio is about more than just making art. There’s making connections, eating amazing food, and learning new skills. Zipping around this little rural space on a hot pink fixed gear bike has been great fun. Here’s a random photo collection from this past week:  Wifi!  Not liking thisContinue reading “Busy Week at Artist Residency in Gunma, Japan”

First 48 Hours at Shiro Oni Studios

My first artist residency and already I’m loving just one more reason to be an artist! Onishi, in Gunma Prefecure, Japan is a very small town just outside Tokyo. Easy to get here by train, bus and/or car for a quick day trip yet still seems to be untouched by the big city life. ThatContinue reading “First 48 Hours at Shiro Oni Studios”