Open Studio Invitation- Electric Butterflies Art Installation

Come for the Open Studio, stay for the Summer Festival (Natsu Matsuri) in Onishi!
Grab your Suica Card and jump on the train. Get out of the big city for a summer day trip!
My latest work is an installation piece entitled:
– Electric Butterflies –
Demise & Disposal of the electronic personality.
A technological reclamation art installation project combining metals and fibers.
What happens when our computer dies? What happens to the electronic personality upon our death?
Providing an explosive view of a laptop at the moment of its death, Electric Butterflies, demonstrates the release of the electronic personality within through the hand-crocheted neon yarn butterfly motifs and supportive wire crochet accents.
As small electronics continue to be pervasive in our society, society also has a need to address the demise and the disposal of our electronic personality and its toxic body, a laptop in this case, the same as we carefully handle the death of a loved one.
When: Saturday, July 12 & 13, 2014
Where: Kotoriya at Shiro Oni Studio in Onishi, Gunma, Japan
   370-1401 Funma Fujioka Onishi 529 Japan
Directions From Tokyo to Studio (by train and bus, no pickup required)

From AKABANE station Take TAKASAKI SEN line North toward TAKASAKI. The train also stops at IKEBUKURO and SHINJUKU, though less often. Get off at HONJO Station (about an hour and a half, around 1600 yen).

Then take a BUS from HONJO station: Walk out ticket gate. Go RIGHT. walk down the stairs. There are three bus stops. Go to the stop on the far RIGHT, in front of the 7-Eleven. Last bus is at 8:15pm weekend, 9pm. weekday. Take bus to ONISHI YUBIN KYOKU MAE 鬼石郵便局前. (40 minutes, 640 yen)

Walk toward the stoplight. Turn RIGHT at corner. Walk about 1 minute. Shiro Oni studio is on your right. (3 minutes)

Map of Kotoriya Studio in Onishi: I’ll be at the Red #3 location:

English map of the town of Onishi, Japan, part of the Shiro Oni Studio artist in residency program.  Information about Fressay supermarket, onishi post office, onishi hospital, onshi Toduka drug store, and Ginkatei chinese restaurant

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