The Upcoming Week in my Tatami Room Studio

1. Name Game Contest: Today will be spent completing the winning prize! Do you know what should I name my Tropical Butterfly Garden art installation? Be sure you are following my blog, Instagram or Twitter to catch the launch and upcoming details. 2. I’ve compiled a list of the flora, fauna and butterflies I’m including inContinue reading “The Upcoming Week in my Tatami Room Studio”

Studio Progress Report – Oct 10

It’s been a busy week in my studio. Quite a few hours continuing my lepidoptera and biology research. A few hours sketching, a few hours of construction, a few hours re-organizing the studio all add up to a lot of hours!  My order of Zebra Wire, colored copper wire arrived – Half of a rainforestContinue reading “Studio Progress Report – Oct 10”

Not just for Spinners – Tokyo Spinning Party!

Friends and I visited the Tokyo Spinning Party on Monday. A show full of fleeces, silks, spindles, batts, workshops, and lots of other colorful yarn-y goodness.  White Romany, approx US$10.00 for 3oz. 5 Ladies in a Felting Class Is spinning popular in Japan? Happy Spinning’s booth full of batts was cleaned out! Completely! Yes, spinningContinue reading “Not just for Spinners – Tokyo Spinning Party!”