Studio Progress Report – Oct 10

It’s been a busy week in my studio. Quite a few hours continuing my lepidoptera and biology research. A few hours sketching, a few hours of construction, a few hours re-organizing the studio all add up to a lot of hours!

Zebra Wire Order

 My order of Zebra Wire, colored copper wire arrived – Half of a rainforest in a box!

A design sketch has slowly been coming together as I gather information on the butterflies. It’s a sketch that only a mother could love and I can read. Thankfully it’s more about placement and arrangement than the final look. It’s supposed to be a view from the top but considering my poor drawing skills this is about it. A fat stream gurgling through the middle won’t really be that wide.

Butterfly Garden Overhead Sketch

I did a sad sketch with colored pencil of the Spur Mahogany with it’s planned epiphytes, but it’s another one that simply demonstrates my inability to draw 2D work from the 3D visions I have floating in my head.

The yarn dyer in Australia to which I have placed a special order has begun working and sending updates! I’m so excited to see the steps she is taking to help bring my project to life. I am hoping to post them in the near future.

This Tropical Butterfly Garden art installation project really needs a good name. It isn’t really a garden so much anymore but has grown into a lovely rainforest environment.

HoursTracker – Still checking in using this app to find out how long it is taking to create this butterfly installation. There are a lot of little minutes in various areas such as when my colored copper wire order arrived. It only took about 10 minutes to check that each item I ordered has arrived in good condition but each of these little 10 minute items will add up to a lot of hours over the several months.

Hours of Research & Development: 20 hours of testing butterfly designs, researching lepidoptera and their favorite rainforest plants, ordering & checking in of supplies

Hours of Marketing: 1 hour 30 minutes

Hours of Construction: 3 hours 10 minutes making a lot of little Euodia flowers

For the week of Sept 29 – Oct 5: 24 hours 40 mins

A lot of work done, a lot of work to go…

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