SPUN Fiber Exhibition – Opening Night is October 17

One of my wire & fiber crochet pieces was accepted into the SPUN Fiber Exhibit in New York! It’s great to be included with these other amazing artists!

After seeing the creative names they have given their pieces I clearly need to up my name game.  “Flower” is just so “meh” when compared to ‘Colors of a Soba Shop‘ or ‘Emergence‘.

Flower SPUN Fiber Exhibition

Opening night is October 17 at Etui Fiber Arts!

Check out the other artists work. They are an amazing, varied group!

The artists selected by juror Bartholomew Bland for SPUN 2014 are:

Natalya Aikens            Iron Spine

Francie Bergquist         Truffle

Benedicte Caneill         Walking off the Grid

Donna Chambers            My Peacock

Linda Colsh               Grand Place Descent

Eileen Doughty            Dragonfly Pond

Eileen Doughty            Kasha-Katuwe Hoodoos

Jeanne Flanagan           Purple Passion

Deanna Gabiga             Flower

Jamie Horikawa            Colors of a Soba Shop

Eve Jacobs-Carnahan       Knotweed: Not Safe

Cecelia Leiseroff         They Came from Outer Space

Susan Lenz                Ancestors

Susan Lenz                A Difficult Decision

Betty Maguire Hayzlett    Emergence

Betty Maguire Hayzlett    Desert Grasses

Heather Pregger           Tuning Fork #19

Norma Schlager            Fractured II

Barbara Sferra            Red Squares

Gerri Spilka              Helix Sketch #1

Janice Stevens            After the Storm

Victoria Swann            Eye Candy

Ruth White                Bend It Wright2

Beth Yazhari              World Quilt – Panel #1

Beth Yazhair              Victoria Sensibility

 You are welcome to follow my progress on this and other art projects via my Instagram: Studio Deanna

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