Wire Crochet Workshop – Fibre Workshops, too!

April 11 – 16, I’ll be available to teach various fibre and wire crochet workshops through Tanks Arts Centre at Cairns Botanic Gardens. Learn from my efforts to build the Rainforest Butterflies art installation. I look forward to meeting other stitch artists, both new and experienced from the Cairns, FNQ area! BOOKINGS: Ph 4032 6600 TryContinue reading “Wire Crochet Workshop – Fibre Workshops, too!”

Butterfly Rainforest Research is Solid

The area in the Cairns Botanic Gardens where I am working is a multi-use space and I found myself attending the latest “Walk & Talk” event hosted by Friends of the Botanic Gardens: Watching Out for Wicked Weeds.   Many native butterflies here in Far North Queensland enjoy plants and flowers from non-native species. SomeContinue reading “Butterfly Rainforest Research is Solid”

Early Build Days

Thank You to everyone who patiently reads through my progress reports as I am creating all posts with my smartphone. I suspect there are formatting issues I’d be twitching to fix if I had my laptop! This has been a busy build week with many parts and pieces looking like other objects on their wayContinue reading “Early Build Days”

A Bit of Sunday Everything

Brought out the rainforest floor rug hooking aspect of the project and am happy with the fiber choices I made.   It didn’t take long for me to discover  the most essential tool for me to complete this Butterfly Rainforest:  A great To-Do List has been provided:  The flora and fauna are justContinue reading “A Bit of Sunday Everything”

Day 2 – Settling into the Residency House

A rainy day here in tropical Cairns, perfect for unpacking and settling into the Residency House:  That huge 20Kg box of supplies I’ve carried all over the Pacific Ocean is finally unpacked, permanently. The strong dishpack box held up surprisingly well through multiple flights on multiple airlines until it got wet in the rainContinue reading “Day 2 – Settling into the Residency House”

Artist-in-Residence! Tanks Arts Centre – Cairns Botanic Gardens

5 years since my original thought of creating a large butterfly themed art installation piece, I have found a home in which to build: Cairns Botanic Garden Visitor’s Centre. A bit of Day 1:  This place is hopping with arts activities in multiple genres such as Sorority which is celebrating International Women’s Day.  Continue reading “Artist-in-Residence! Tanks Arts Centre – Cairns Botanic Gardens”

Rainforest on the Move

Today’s jet lagged post will be a bit haphazard so just sit back and enjoy the eclectic pacing of my latest adventures:  Everything is still moving forward for me to begin my Artist Residency with Tanks Arts Centre in Cairns, Australia next month! The butterfly research and design work I have been doing for theseContinue reading “Rainforest on the Move”