Day 2 – Settling into the Residency House

A rainy day here in tropical Cairns, perfect for unpacking and settling into the Residency House:

That huge 20Kg box of supplies I’ve carried all over the Pacific Ocean is finally unpacked, permanently. The strong dishpack box held up surprisingly well through multiple flights on multiple airlines until it got wet in the rain being loaded on a flight from Auckland to Sydney. Luckily it hung on through the final leg up to Cairns. 

All the parts, pieces, and supplies handled the travel well.  The Evodia tree base got a bit dented but it’s here and ready to grow into a rainforest. 

I think back and wish I had brought more items but I do need to think realistically. My time here is limited, therefore the size of the project is limited no matter how many great ideas I may have. 

One wish from the box was socks. And my sweatpants. I have no idea what happened to any of them since I left Japan. How have I become the owner of only a single pair of socks? Alas, the box contained only art supplies. 

The afternoon and evening was spent quietly adding the embroidery accents to the felted chrysalis pieces and then adding a watery layer of matte medium to give them the harder shell effect I wanted. 

It rained and stopped and rained again as the hours ticked by. 5 min of rain from the clouds, another 10 min of ‘rain’ as it filtered it’s way through the trees to the ground followed by about 20 min of reprieve before the cycle started again. 

Ventured out for food during a gap in the rain. Upon my return there was a Lurcher butterfly flittering about the dappled sunlit yard of the Residency House :)


The Botanic Gardens Cafe opens at 7AM tomorrow. A lovely place for a cup of tea and to wake with the rainforest. 

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