Early Build Days

Thank You to everyone who patiently reads through my progress reports as I am creating all posts with my smartphone. I suspect there are formatting issues I’d be twitching to fix if I had my laptop!

This has been a busy build week with many parts and pieces looking like other objects on their way to a rainforest. I set the wire crocheted beginning of my Pink Flowered Evodia tree at the front door of the visitor’s centre and walked away to speak with someone. Picking it up upon my return someone commented they thought it was a unique rubbish bin! Thankfully they had not used it as such!!

Each day the tree grows taller and yesterday I was asked if it was a traditional fishing net/basket. This is the risk and the fun when creating fully in the public eye. The conversations with visitor’s liven my day, their curiosity make their funny guesses as to what I’m doing worth the pubic scrutiny. It’s a lovely international audience that wanders through the Cairns Botanic Garden so I have met many from around the world. 

The Botanic Gardens are absolutely amazing!! I did a lot of internet research before I arrived but there is nothing like seeing what I’m recreating in real life. Seeing the details that I couldn’t find in photographs, feeling the humidity, smelling the rainforest and hearing the cacophony of sounds. All so very new to me it takes me forever to walk anywhere as I’m constantly distracted by yet another new item in the Gardens. 

You are welcome to stop by the Cairns Botanical Garden Visitor’s Centre from 10:30 – 3:00 each day to see my progress on the Butterfly Rainforest. 
Don’t be a stranger, come say, ‘Hi!’
Starting April 11 I will be offering wire crochet and fibre workshops for those who wish for more in depth information about fibre and wire crochet. 

Enjoy a few photos I captured on my walks: 

^Those scare me. They remind me of the Shadows from B5!