Up Next: In, Of, or About Fiber Hawaii

One of the pieces I entered into the Fiber Hawaii Art Show has been accepted!

Was it my crocheted wire vessel, Slosh(v)?


Or was it one of my crocheted water Drop(v) wire sculptures?


Or was it the third wire crocheted piece, Ewer?


With the show theme being In, Of, or About Fiber, I decided to take a chance and added (3) of my macrophotography pieces to be juried.

The photograph, Out to Sea, was accepted! Super excited to be a part of this show which opens on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 and runs through Sunday, Sept 11.

This show has been a great experience in how very subjective art is really seen. Amazing work by wonderful artists I thought would easily be chosen for the show were not accepted. I took a huge chance with the macrophotography of my crocheted wire sculpture designs and it was accepted.

To other artists, I say, if you aren’t sure, go for it!

For art lovers, you never know what you will find at the next art show, so go!

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http://studiodeanna.com Welcome! I’m Deanna, a metals & fiber artist creating sculptures and wall art installations. My work is very tactile, 2D & 3D textiles and often takes organic forms inspired by our natural planet. My international experiences have provided the opportunity to swim in the gorgeous tropical waters around Hawai’i, hiking in the rainforests of Far North Queensland, and the breathtaking beauty in Africa. Utilizing my custom-made steel tools, my favorite pieces to create are large-gauge wire crochet sculptures. My meticulously handcrafted designs will enrich your office, home, and outdoor living spaces. Currently I am dividing my time between the Tokyo Bay Area and Hawai’i and am open for commission art works.