Packing List for my Shiro Oni Artist Residency:

Later next month I’ll be going to Shiro Oni Studios in Gunma Prefecture here in Japan for an artist residency.  I’m super excited to create the technology reclamation installation project I’ve had floating around in my head for over a year. Using my background in fibers and metals, building an installation using these materials together again on a large scale feels like the best fit for me and I can’t wait to get started! The unexpected resurgence in neon will bring an electric brightness I didn’t think possible even a year ago without the use of electric effects. I recently bought all the neon yarns available at the Yuzawaya in Kamata.

IMG_0002In the meantime I’m gathering the installation supplies

1 – Cola drowned Macbook

15 – Neon yarns, various material content

4 – balls of black yarn, various material content

1 – spool of black thread

11+ – spools of fun colored copper wire

IMG_0003A plethora of crochet hooks in varying sizes

1 – 6ft battery powered el-wire w/AA batteries

1 – Fully loaded tool belt w/screwdriver, hammer, nails, tape, etc.

1 – Set Singer heavy duty upholstery needles

1 – Encyclopedia of Crochet pattern book

IMG_00061 – Jisaboke! An adorable hand crocheted mushroom and friend made for me to go with a previous installation, Metamorph-Us. Jisaboke means jet lag in Japanese and he often travels with me. Jisaboke reminds to be ever so thankful for the support of so many friends who have continued to encourage me to move forward with my artistic endeavors!

Bug Spray

Raincoat & Umbrella  – June is Japan’s rainy season!

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