I want to create a monster!

When I went to the Spiral Independent Creators Festival earlier this month I found a very unusual piece by a young artist named Ishimura Manami. I love fiber pieces, metal pieces and any combination thereof but this piece was none of that.

She did an amazing piece using a glue gun and a tree that created what to me looked like an egg or a chrysalis that could give birth to a colorful monster bursting forth! I love pieces that send my imagination running.

IMG_0013 Ishimura-San’s piece stands about 5 feet high (153cm) and is about 3 feet (almost a meter) across!

IMG_0014  When we asked what it was created from she said it was done using a glue gun and my first thought was, “Who needs a 3D Doodler now?” Clearly she has mad glue gun skills!

IMG_0015  I’ve enjoyed her piece so much that I want to collaborate with her and create a fiber-y, slobbering, fire-breathing monster climbing out of its cocoon. I wonder what she has done with the piece? Did she sell it? Would she let me make my monster?

The SketchVid app give me the opportunity to play with my idea of my monster emerging from her piece, just hit play to see him emerge: 

Additional photos of her piece and other amazing pieces at the Spiral Independent Creators Festival can be seen at UniversoTokyo.

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