Thank You!

My Four Seasons Hanging Scroll Project at Hagiso Gallery is now finished and it has been an amazing experience!


Thank you so much to everyone who has attended the show. Thank You so much for the flowers MinoriSan! Thank you so so very much to those made purchases.


Thank You to so many of you who have provided moral support from around the world. Understandably many of you are unable to just hop a flight or unfurl their sails to Tokyo see my Four Season Hanging Scroll Project in person. Your support and encouragement have been very much appreciated.


This project and the amazing support has helped me push a few more ideas forward which you will see here in the future. Thank you to my fellow members in Art Byte Critique, I feel very lucky to have found a great group of artists in which to do a show. I’m looking forward to seeing how much our work evolves in our future endeavors.

Stay Tuned! ありがとうございました、みんなさん!

Crochet w/the Artist Success!

Thank you everyone who came out to Hagiso Gallery to enjoy a fun stitch session this afternoon!

A very fast crochet expert joined in first:


Then a couple of very enthusiastic and curious novices:

IMG_0024  IMG_0025

A lovely tatted piece completed during the workshop:


Crochet with the Artist

Thursday, October 24 from 1:00-3:00pm @ Hagiso Gallery


10月24日(木)13:00 – 15:00、 HAGI-ROOM/HAGI-ARTで (誰でも参加できます)


Snowflakes of many shapes, colors and skill levels will be available on which to work. I have two great books full of various snowflake patterns. One book is 99 Snowflakes, no author stated.

The second book is new to Japan, 100 Snowflakes to Crochet by Caitlin Sainio, 日本語、AND it has the easy to read, universal  crochet symbol diagrams!

Or bring your current crochet Work-in-Progress. I’d love to see what you are working on, also!

Anyone interested in Crochet work is welcome. No charge for the Crochet with the Artist workshop but please at least make a small purchase at the Hagiso Cafe as we are using their space for Crochet.

This is event is running at the same time as Geikoten, many more reasons to visit Yanaka!

I look forward to seeing you at Hagiso Gallery soon :)

Satin Bow – Not the same as tying my shoes

That beautiful, shiny, slippery satin ribbon takes some real talent to get just the right bow!  I thought it would be easy, just like tying my shoes. Not.

After all the sewing, designing, crocheting and embroidery, I know I have some skills. Yet, Multiple failures and flashbacks from my mother’s shoe tying lessons drove me to Google how to tie a perfect satin bow.

For the future, it would be best to stick with crochet & sewing…IMG_0026

Stop by Hagiso from October 16 – 27, 2013 to see the completed piece. 7 additional artists in the Tokyo Art Byte  will also have work on display for the Tokyo Spidering 東京クローラ Show.

Crocheting a Cloud

50% Silk/50% Alpaca yarn from La Droguerie, this yarn is absolutely A. Maz. Ing! It feels like crocheting a cloud whenever I use it.

So light, so soft, so comfortable in which to work. I covet it. Every single horribly expensive inch of it.

Fat Squirrel Speaks Podcast CAL is my excuse to buy more :)

She is having a “Squirrel it away cowl” Crochet Along/Knit Along which goes through October 28, 2013 so I’ve started a lovely crochet cowl using a couple of lace patterns for my MIL.



La Droguerie has shops in France and Japan and is a cute little yarn shop with lots of buttons, beads and baubles to make the most adorable and boho yarn-y things. Scarves with beads, little creatures with button-y eyes. Beautiful yarns in the most beautiful colors make this yarn shop absolutely worth the visit if you happen to be in France or Japan.

Shidarezakura – Look Mom, No Embroidery Hoop!

Watch the artist work in this short video of me embroidering the details on a small Shidarezakura Spring Hanging Scroll. The complete project, Four Season Hanging Scrolls will be on display at Hagiso Gallery starting October 16 – 27, 2013.

You are welcome to join me in a Crochet with the Artist on Thursday, Oct 24 from 1- 3 at the Gallery.  10月24日 (木)13:00 – 15:00 -アーティストと一緒にかぎ針編みしましょう (Deanna Koubou)

Summer Thread Sketching

I’ve been busy in my tatami room again working on completing pieces for the Tokyo Spidering 東京クローラ exhibition at Hagiso Gallery next month.

I have been using simple embroidery floss to sketch my final designs on the cotton canvas of my hanging scrolls. By using a running stitch with unknotted thread as quick and easy sketch lines they will stay for as long as I need. This way I don’t need to worry about removing any kinds of marks on the fabric and leaves the design open for me to free-hand embroider as I go.


Permanently attaching the hand crocheted flower as a starting point, then sketching the strong green stem which is designed using various shades of embroidery threads.


When the free-hand embroidery work is done I can easily pull the unknotted sketching thread out of the piece without any damage to the fabric.


Starting Oct 16, 2013 my Four Seasons Collection will be shown at Hagiso Gallery in Tokyo.

Hagiso Gallery: